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    This month they be awarding a total of $1,000 in Jackpot prizes!

    Jack Pot Tables

    Win five games in a row in one of the Jackpot Tables ("Jackpot Table",
    Kalooki 51, $3.25 and $11) to claim a jackpot of $250!

    Five Consecutive Wins

    The five games all have to occur within 48 hours from the first win.
    Losing a Jackpot Table game will break the streak and you will have to
    start again. Wins and defeats at other tables will not count towards the Jackpot.

    To claim a jackpot, send an email to with
    the date of the first Jackpot Table win.

    The money will be put in your
    account within one business day.

    Play online Rummy​
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