$10 ND Bonus - Blacklights Casino

Discussion in 'Freebies - Free Tourneys - No Deposit Bonuses' started by swissms, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. swissms

    swissms New Member

    I hope it is allright to share this. I don't think Iv'e seen it posted in the forum so hopefully it is a new one I can share.
    Blacklights casino
    bonus code - BIG10

    Good Luck to all
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks dear, this is a TopGame Casino
    please everyone if you try TopGame Casinos, make sure you do read the terms really carefully.
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  3. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    agreedm usually the WR on topgame free chips is 99x :(
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  4. chris161

    chris161 Active Member


    Have anybody experience from this Casino.

    I have played the 10 Free and had luck i have wager over 1000 $ and can cashout 100$

    But i think bad is that i must make a deposit 25$ and can cash out 100$ ( Real winnings 75 $)
    Livechat says dokuments and cash out can be up to 15 Days.
    Its very long.
    Should i deposit 25$ is it trusted so that i become my money??

    Thanks for replys
    Have a nice day.

    bye :easter2::easter2:

    P.s: I Hope all understand my broken English:smile:
  5. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    We do not recommend this casino, we are not affiliated with them
    the reason for this is, that we heard already some not so good things about Top Game Casinos.

    I would not deposit there.
    It is your decision hon, I can only say , I would not do it.
  6. Lookaway

    Lookaway Member

    Hi, I made the wagering on this free chip, it's been about 12 days now! I will come back here and let you know when or if my cashout hits!!

    To be honest, just because a forum does not recommend a casino because they are not affiliated with them. Does not mean they are a rogue casino, it means somewhere down the line they could not come to a business arrangement for affiliate royalties.

    Look at 3DICE and casino crush forum as an example.

    I did read the don't post these casino list here at bonus paradise and it's finally great to see a forum taking a stand.

    I know topgame have had a crap start but I have not read one single case of no-pay so far.

    PS, most of the time forum admin's say if you run in to any troubles we can't help you, but off course just go back to the forum you downloaded from, if you downloaded straight from the web, go to casino meister.

    If you have had your free shot PAB at casino meister just post your complaint in there forum, under casino complaints bonus issues.
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  7. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    That may true at a few forums, but that is not the case here at Bonus Paradise! If the staff here says that a casino may not be able to be trusted, then there is a good assumption made by the team by researching the casinos out. If someone like Mike or Marina would not dare deposit into a casino when they have been in the business for years and know almost every casino out there, you would not lean towards their advice?

    I can understand someone wanting to take a chance depositing $25 with this casino to collect their no deposit winnings, its only $25 risk.

    But what i do not agree with is that you group all online gambling forums together saying that casinos are blacklisted because they could not come to affiliate agreements.

    That could not be further from the honest truth here, and if it was the case, you would know that. :hitme:

    And as you see, its been 12 days to recieve your payment? :lmao: This is probably why this casino and all other Top Game casinos are blacklisted. In an online world where payments can be done almost instantly, payments over 10 days long and more is absolutely ABSURD and really any payments that take up more that 3 days is a bit ridiculous!

    That would be enough reason right there to turn me off any casino that takes more than 3-5 days to pay!
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  8. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for your support Dmoney,
    just to clear, we do not blacklist top game casinos, at least not yet
    just we do not sign up as affiliates with them and we do not recommend them.

    We did hear people getting their monies, and we also heard other stories
    once there was also the talk that the software is not ok, this should have been fixed as far we heard.
    Then yes also, to wait so long for a cashout is not acceptable.
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  9. chris161

    chris161 Active Member

    ohh i hope my post makes no trouble.
    And i can say firstly are 25 $ much money for me.
    secondly i asked for information and the problem for me is when i become my money and make more deposit while i think ohhh that casino pay my winnings.
    For this i asked better for experience with this.
    And @ Dmoney please post of you become your money.
    The fact is of money came or not.(-:

    have all nice day and big winnings
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  10. Lookaway

    Lookaway Member

    I really didn't mean to come over putting all forums together, I guess I should of been clearer.

    I'm just an old hand now, and know straight of the bat wether a forum promotes rogues or not.
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  11. Lookaway

    Lookaway Member

    Just to follow up on my Blacklights withdrawal, I got paid on march 31.

    So about 13 days for the cashout, not good at all, but at least they paid.
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  12. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    thanks Lookaway, glad to hear they paid you.
    Yes, I agree 13 days is long, but at least good to see they do pay.

    :thank you:
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  13. pauld11

    pauld11 Active Member

    Cash outs are good at this casino

    I made a deposit of $50 , and cashed out $500

    it took 12 days

    but they said that its only for the first cash out
    that takes so long ( They have to go over your info )

    all other cash outs will be paid within 7 days ( Monday - Friday )

    I am happy with this casino so far


    good luck all
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  14. Argosy

    Argosy New Member

    Might just try it. Bonus is pretty low, but just one click can win a lot. In my experience, the larger the ND bonus a casino offers, the less there is any chance of ever getting to a withdrawal $$ stage. Argosy

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