$1000 Freeroll With Wass Poker And The OFC

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    Wass Poker And The Online Forum Challenge presents the next 2 events #48 and #49. Event #48 offers everyone that registers a chance to share $1000 prizepool in this freeroll plus prizes for the highest placing forums. Event #49 is a buyin game of $5.50 with over $5150 added into the prizepool and prizes for the top placing forums. Just click the link below to register yourself for these events. Be sure to choose Bonus Paradise as the forum you will be representing , as the more players we have playing in these events, the better our chances at winning our forum Freeroll prizes. Only players registered in these events for Bonus Paradise will play in any forum freerolls won in these events.

    Event # 48
    Tournament Date And Time: December 6th, 2008 3:00p.m. EST

    Tournament Prizepool: $1000 + $500 In Forum Prizes.

    Tournament Entry Fee: None, Its A Freeroll!

    Event # 49

    Tournament Date And Time: December 7th, 2008 3:00p.m. EST

    Tournament Prizepool: Over $5150 in Tournament Added Money And Forum Prizes.

    Tournament Buyin: $5.50 But Lots To Play For!

    Be sure to get registered early and claim your seat into this awesome event. Registration closes December 3rd so don't delay! Register With Bonus Paradise And see you at the tables!

    Click Here To Pre-Register!​

    Play With BP At WassPoker​
  2. Pressurer

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    Hello that's cool I will sing up in Wass poker!!!THANK YOU!:super:
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  3. Pressurer

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    Hello, I look all over the games, but I did't find the Even 48# is the even not yet announced?THANK YOU!:confused:
  4. Pressurer

    Pressurer Member

    Hello again i did't notice the pre-registration button!!!:confused:Sorry for the stupid question!!!All is done now, see you at the tables!!!GOOD LUCK!!!:winner:
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  5. Dmoney644

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    Hi my friend, just to make sure, did you register through the link
    in the 1st post with the Online Forum Challenge Form? Once you pre-register with the OFC, the Wass Poker will issue you a coupon to play these games. These games probably will not get put on the game schedule until probably a week or so before the game. These events will be added to our calendar, so it will help be a reminder for everyone. Hope this answers your question or concern?​
  6. Pressurer

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    Hi, everything is ok now, I register and than pre-register!They sent me an e-mail!THANK YOU
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