$200 Freeroll Today! Everyone Invited!

Discussion in 'Poker for Free!' started by Dmoney644, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Thats Right, Today, December 13th,
    the whole forum has been invited to come and play in a
    $200 freeroll at 3rd Bullet Poker!
    I know this is short notice, but i just recieved this email very shortly ago
    from The Gamblers Oasis forum, and they have invited all to come and play!

    A special thanks to The Gamblers Oasis forum for this
    very special invite for a great freeroll at 3rd Bullet Poker!

    Since this is a special invite from another forum, our freeroll and league rules will NOT apply today, so here is your chance to get in on the action if you are brand new to Bonus Paradise or haven't been able to get around the forum to much lately to be an active member of the forum! If you do not yet have an account with 3rd Bullet Poker, Then simply download through the banner above, and make a post in this thread that you want to play.

    Here is the game info for this freeroll:

    Site: Third Bullet Poker

    Tournament name: Give It All You Got!!!

    Date: December 13th

    Time: 6:00pm est.

    Prize Pool: $200 Freeroll

    Password: PW will be pm'ed to all that post that they want to play.
    Password will be sent out 1 hour before game time.

    This game is located under the private games tab in the tournament lobby. I hope to see many of our members taking advantage of this awesome
    invite from The Gambling Oasis.

    Also, Keep in mind that 3rd Bullet Poker is offering a huge 1st deposit bonus offer of 325% match bonus of up to $1625! Claim Bonus Code :325EXCLUSIVE to receive this awesome match on your deposit!​

    Click Here to Visit The Gamblers Oasis And Give Them Thanks For This Awesome Invite​

    $200 Freeroll Today At 3rd Bullet Poker​
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  2. mooleyjones

    mooleyjones Active Member

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I can play............mooleybullet:snowplay:
  3. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Thanks mooley for playing, and glad to see you!
    Good luck in today's game!​
  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    wow, this is so cool!
    Many thanks to our friends at Gambler Oasis for this nice invitation!
    Good luck at the tables friends :socool: ​
  5. Ronferr

    Ronferr New Member

    Thanks - I'll Play - Ronferr
  6. cambaby2

    cambaby2 Member

    I'd like to play, thanks you! Im pretty sure my username is cambaby2

  7. palmck

    palmck Active Member

    count me in if possible. palmck12


    palmck12 is my nickname for poker there.
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  8. kennit

    kennit New Member

    Right On!

    Count me in most def.

    third bullet alias is kentakeyo$


  9. luvslots

    luvslots Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded and opened an acct. ace57 please count me in!

    Thank You, oasis for including everyone at BP to join this tourney :socool:

    :merrychristmas: luvslots
  10. pollacs

    pollacs New Member

    ok registred third bullet poker
    nick : xpollacs222
    thank you

  11. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Awesome guys, glad to see all of you playing so far!
    You guys should also make sure you get and remain active soon, as we will be having another freeroll soon at 3rd Bullet Poker next month! Next month's freeroll will have FReeroll And League rule restrictions on it, so make sure you are active by making quality posts and participating on the forum!

    PW's will be sent out about 1 hour b4 the start of this freeroll. Good Luck, and see you at the tables!​
  12. percival

    percival Member

    okay i just create account there and wanna play
    username BGpercival


    Can we also have password for OIFC to can join Bonus Paradise team ? to can qualify for another 100 $ freeroll there
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  13. ropoker

    ropoker New Member

    my username: 3bulletman:merryxmas:
  14. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Please note that Today's OIFC team game today is only worth a seat into the final game for a $100 freeroll. The top 5 players in today's game will play in the final game on the 27th for a $100. Today's game you only win a seat into the final game.

    Anyone that qualifies to play by being an active member of the
    forum can sign up to play and join our team.

    Click Here to View Our Freeroll And League Qualification Rules

    If you qualifiy or have at least 15 posts, you can join our team today,
    by posting in this thread below saying you want to join, and add your usernames there.

    Click Here To Join Our OIFC Team

    We need some players for this league, so i will be a little easy on the rules for this league. Hope to see many of you joining our team.​
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  15. nataspt

    nataspt New Member


    My user at table 3BNataSPT

    :thank you:
  16. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Thanks to our friends at the "O".

    Gotta keep me eye on Mysterys though.

    rof........Good luck everyone​
  17. brianfisher

    brianfisher New Member

    hello everybody my username is brianfisher
  18. steaven

    steaven New Member

    Thanks for invite,:merrychristmas: to all, stay safe, and no :beer: and driving this :snowplay: season, my nickname for 3rd bullet poker is " $teaven "
  19. MMMPPP

    MMMPPP New Member

    Hello All!! My NickName=MatizMatiz :):) :merryxmas:
  20. Imhotep007

    Imhotep007 New Member

    Thx! Today! Username: Imhotep1986
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