2009 WSOP: What's New?

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    Every year the WSOP tweaks things a bit to improve the overall
    experience for everyone involved. Last year was the first time we saw the
    November Nine brainstorm that ESPN and Harrah's created to increase ratings
    for the main event final table, and the "Hevad Khan rule" for excessive celebration.

    This year there have been a few new things added to the WSOP experience, and
    as usual most changes reflect ways for the promoters to hype the WSOP even
    more than before.

    First off, the November Nine setup will be a bit different this year. The last nine
    players will meet in November after a four-month wait like they did last year,
    but in '09 they will break a second time, for two days, when it gets down to
    head-to-head action. The separate coverage of the head-to-head phase
    should attract a lot of viewers who would normally not tune in to watch the l
    engthy final table. Let's just hope that the idea doesn't backfire on ESPN.

    The final three could get their money in all together if the cards fall the
    right way. Then there wouldn't be a head-to-head matchup at all.

    The WSOP will also see three more $10K championship events than there
    were on the schedule in '08. These increase the chances of final tables with
    known poker stars seated because more professionals will play the high roller
    events than the amateurs. Besides the championship events three others have
    been added, one just for this year and another two that will likely stay on the
    schedule in future years.

    A one-time $40K No Limit Holdem event is on this year's lineup to commemorate
    the 40 years of the WSOP. The others are a champion's invitational event that
    will consist of as many of the 27 living previous champions as they can get to
    play, and a $1K discount event that could attract the biggest field of amateurs
    ever. The winner of the champion's invitational will receive the Binion's Cup and
    a free car, while the discount event champion will likely take home a paycheck
    that could be close to a million dollars.

    2009 will be the first year that new player conduct rules will be implemented and
    enforced. We all saw the abuse that Phil Hellmuth and Scotty Nguyen dished out
    to opponents last year, so this year the WSOP has taken on a "no tolerance"
    policy when it comes to berating players and casino staff. Penalties will range
    from a verbal warning to being kicked out of the tournament. Players can also
    be sidelined for one hand, one orbit, two orbits, three orbits, or four orbits.

    Harrah's released this statement regarding the issue; "Harrah's prohibits the use
    of obscene or foul language in any public area of the casino at any time. Any
    player who uses such language or makes a foul, profane, obscene, or vulgar
    statement, or speaks abusively or in an intimidating manner to another player,
    a dealer, or tournament staff member will be penalized."

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  2. Hi, is it possible to play in WSOP Without paying the buy-in? Wich poker rooms offer qualifyied tournaments for WSOP?
  3. most of the poker rooms offered some type of qualifier for the wsop. there were also a few that gave you a chance to get there through freerolls. i satellited into some main event finals but was never lucky enough to win anything.:sad:
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