3rd Bullet's June Gold Chip Race Is Under Way!

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    For the final three (3) weeks in June, Third Bullet continues to bring
    you the best promotions online. The June 2009 Gold Chip Race will be
    held between June 10th to June 30th. This version of the Race
    will last only THREE WEEKS. Every day counts!!!

    The top 10 players can participate in a share of Third Bullet’s profits. See the
    June Gold Chips Race Leaderboard for the front-runners. All Third Bullet
    players are eligible to participate. Grab your share of up to $5,000 in cash prizes.

    This Race is designed to fit everyone, from the biggest highrollers
    to multi-tabling micro-limit players. Simply earn your Gold Chips by
    participating in real money S&Gs, MTTs and ring games. See the Help
    page for details on accumulating Gold Chips.

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