$5,201,558.97 Mega Moolah Jackpot Winner at CasinoRewards

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  1. Marina

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    Online casino group CasinoRewards.com has announced their biggest ever million dollar jackpot winner.
    Novice gambler A.D. has been turned into an overnight multi-millionaire with his incredible $5.2 million jackpot win from a 50 cent bet on the progressive online slot Mega Moolah.

    The life-changing €3.8 million will go down in history as the biggest jackpot win in the 11 years of CasinoRewards.com, topping K.E. and his $5.5 million win in 2008 on the very same online slot game.

    The 31 award winning CasinoRewards.com online casinos offer 16 online slots connected to progressive jackpots, but it is one game which keeps making the headlines. Dubbed 'the millionaire maker' by online gambling fans, the popularity of the Mega Moolah online slot is due to a unique progressive jackpot structure which guarantees a total winning payout of at least one million dollars. Each time a player plays the game, the jackpot increases until one lucky person clears out the entire kitty - in the case of A.D.: $5,201,558.97!

    What makes the win even more amazing is that the 50 cent bet was made using free casino bonus money, available to anyone upon registration at one of the CasinoRewards online casinos.
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  2. Ardilla

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    Wohoooooooooooo this is so wonderful. Especially with the free money. wohoooooo:spinnslot: A dream of every player comes true.:socool::eek:hyesss:
  3. Ellis

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    OMGGGG Thats incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a Huge Huge Huge WIN!
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  4. Seaman63

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    Ok...I will not call myself "King of No Deposit" any longer.


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