$5 And $50 No Deposit Bonuses With Vegas Regal Casino...

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  1. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Everyone be sure to check your account for a
    $5 and $50 no deposit warm up bonus!

    Good luck to all that get them i had both!
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  2. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    Thanks D!:spinnslot:
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  3. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    I had both.... be warned however "vegas regal" have turned tight as hell,

    Best of luck is a money waster.. $20 blown on it... 20c a spin... not 1 win biggest than my original 20c.

    Blackjack was simply in "fixed to lose" mode, played about 25 hands... typically all were dealer with 20,21,bj or 19, whereas I had the 15's and 16s.... stand and dealer beats me.... hit and I bust style of hands.

    I cant really appreciate any vegas regal free chips anymore... the WR is just real horrid, say its a $50 free chip, you get a $50 bonus, the WR is usually 60x, with minimum cashout of $50, maximum of also $50 as well, So the only way to achieve that is to have a massive win (unlikely) of a few $1000, then play it down slowly.

    Im just gutted now when i was still depositing at casinos in 1 week I put in about $600 to vegas regal...I then had a pending cashout of nearly $2000, got them to flush it... then stupidly asked them to unflush it and put it back on my account (a day before I would of been paid), and then lost all of it....

    Typically after that if it was the vegas regal casino I know and love there would be a few free chips with at least 5x minimum cashout.. A great chance to win some of it back... not all of it but still some

    Im not ranting about free chips at all but compared to what vegas regal used to be like this is 1 big step backwards for them...

    both the $50 and the $5 lasted under 10 mins and not 1 win was bigger than my bet value :(
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  4. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    well i have to say on the $5 freebie, i was able to play Best Of Luck and hit the bonus round 5 times, retriggering two of the rounds. but once i got up there was betting bigger and it disappeared.

    I will say the Switch in Time has to be my dried up slot. I like it, but in the past few months, i'm lucky to hit the bonus round period. and then when i do, i'm luck to win 20x my bet.
  5. bashballs

    bashballs Member

    well, yes vegas regal changed their terms for freechips but hey its free and i had so many cashouts from freechips at vegas regal,
    that i have to say ,they are one of the best rivals out there. but recently... the terms for the bonuses are going crazy
    ( for example the maximum cashouts)..so i hope that they will come back with some better terms for us...

    @sparks: youre right this is 1 big step backwards for them... :sad:
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  6. JokeHale

    JokeHale Member

    They'we changed their casino manager, maybe that's the reason for new terms. Well I don't complain got freechipban after 3 freechip max withdrawals and never played dime of my own money there.
  7. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    theres a $10 and $50 chip at vegas regal for 4th july (1 day late hehehe)

    wr for the $50 is 60 summin times... nearly 4k :)() and the $10 I havent checked

    have fun :D
  8. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Completely... A new manager obviously got the freechip terms changed but not for the better :(

    I did have a fair few cashouts from vegas regal but I lost more than I cashed out (probably about $5000+ lost than I cashed out from there) although regarding free chips its benefiting them more than us.

    If I was given a free chip and still was a casino depositor I would expect a nice long playtime and a possible free win.... If the playtime was short with the freechip the chances are I would get rid of the casino and play elsewhere... (this would be a disapointment for the casino because their intention on giving free chips is to try to get someone in "gambling mode" so they deposit)

    less people are turning to rival casinos nowadays (maybe it explains why the free chips are a waste of time) and 1 of the factors is of course the software

    Iv spoken to loads of people over the years and many have expressed their annoyance at rival games.. this often comes down to the slot bonuses...

    say you get bonus free spins/feature bonus round with a 40c bet... you may win $20-$30 if your lucky... wheras if your betting $1+ and get that same bonus round theres a massive chance it will pay nothing at all or less than what you would win betting 40c a spin.... If it was an RTG or MG casino and you had bet $1+ a spin then certainly you would be looking at something fairer than a couple of bucks...... I recall 1 evening betting $5 a spin... Hit the free spins... all I got was something like $2.60... At any other casino software provider I could guarantee at least a $50 return everytime.

    Now going back on topic specifically to vegas regals ND bonuses... They are shooting themselves in the foot more than anything...

    Potentially gambling is about the thrill of winning money... the rush... the feeling... and as I mention above free chips are given to players to try and put them in the mood to gamble so they deposit

    Refering to this free chip, (as an example because quite a few rival free chips have the same sorta wr nowadays) Its $50 and WR is basically $4000.... People know full well that to meet wr they are either going to have 1 or 2 massive wins with a high bet or about 9 or 10 big wins with a medium sized bet... the problem is if you bet high ($2+) your balance is gonna be over very soon and its unlikely you will hit something massive... if you bet small/medium then the reality is you would need a near miracle to meet WR and spend more than 10 hours playing (hardly worth it to cashout $50)

    Its almost like playing freeplay mode because the player basically accepts they wont meet WR, thus theres no real gambling rush and it doesnt have the desired effect and make people want to deposit.

    What I would prefer to see is free chips of $10 only with x10 wr and a max withdrawl of $25... This would be more than fare and appreciated... less players will meet wr than thoese who dont but it gives everyone the thrills of gambling and a chance to make a quick $25.

    As expected... the $50 and $10 free chips went the same way as the last $1000 or so worth or rival free chips iv claimed... into my account then 15 mins later empty (im glad I no longer deposit at casinos)

    Its time I uninstalled all rival casinos on my computer because its become a waste of time and effort
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