5 of the Most Extravagant Casinos Ever Built

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    Siberia has launched its first casino, The Siberian Coin, with an official grand-opening set for April 2015. It will be a luxurious vacation destination when complete, as part of The Altai Palace Hotel Resort.
    Designers have spared no expense in the 369 million-dollar venture, and the building will be topped off with exquisite details like golden sinks and lavish Italian-made wool carpets. They intend to run
    charter flights to draw in the affluent from more-populous areas, but have rooms for less than 50 dollars per night as well. Of course, those who wish to upgrade to a nightly 1,700 dollar luxury suite are
    more than welcome to do so. If they don’t have cash on-hand, they can try to win it at one of the 30 gaming tables, transfer funds within either of the casino’s two banks, or visit the second floor’s pawn shop.
    The site also hosts a few specialized phone booths, for those who don’t want to give away their location. Calls can be made in total seclusion, and users may choose background noises, including traffic or
    airport sounds, to further solidify their alibi.

    Although The Siberian Coin is indeed one-of-a-kind, it doesn’t even come close to being one of the most expensive casinos built. To make that list, construction costs would have had to have been at least
    a billion dollars. Here are the top five most extravagant land-based casinos, along with some of the lavish or unique amenities they offer.

    5. The Venetian Macao


    In 2007, the Venetian Macao opened its doors with a total construction cost of 2.4 billion dollars. It hosts 3,000 hotel suites, has 534,000 square-feet of casino floor space, and is the world’s largest casino.
    It’s also the seventh-largest building in the world, with over a million square-feet devoted to shopping. It features everything one would expect to see, but also includes a few unique features like a rooftop golf
    course and Italian-marble bathrooms. Moreover, the resort has a family appeal and offers both a kids’ club and babysitting services.

    4. Wynn Las Vegas

    The Wynn reportedly cost 2.7 billion dollars to build. It opened its doors in 2005 and also hosts a golf course, though not on its roof. It has 2,716 rooms, 110,000 square-feet of casino space, and was the tallest
    building on the strip when it opened. Among the less-common features it hosts are a luxury car dealership and a massive waterfall which flows into a three-acre lake. The resort’s most elite guests may opt to
    stay in the Tower Suites, which each host a private driveway with a Rolls-Royce house car, plus a chauffeur. There are also two nightclubs, a beach club, and numerous shops.

    3. Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

    Apparently, Singapore limits the size of casinos, so Sentosa maxed out at 161,458 square-feet. It opened in stages, with the first-phase launching in 2010 at total construction cost of 5.7 billion dollars. It has
    more than 1,500 rooms and 161,500 square-feet of gaming space. However, those who stay at the resort may be more interested in some of the other attractions. It has a built-in Universal Studios theme park,
    plus the world’s largest oceanarium, called Marine Life Park. They also added in the Maritime Experiential Museum to house artifacts from the Belitung shipwreck. Moreover, the resort is loaded with luxury
    shops and boutiques, including Asia’s first Victoria’s Secret and Candylicious, one of the world’s largest candy stores.

    2. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    Another Singapore giant, the Marina Bay Sands, cost around 5.7 billion dollars to build. It also opened in 2010, but is slightly smaller than Sentosa at 161,458 square-feet, and has just 2,561 rooms. Both
    Singaporean resorts have exclusive contracts, which allow them to be the only casino operators until 2020. The Marina Bay Sands is loaded with restaurants, shops, museums and entertainment venues.
    However, the Sands SkyPark is arguably the most lavish of all amenities. The 2.9-acre terrace’s architecture had to be specially-designed to withstand wind and other natural elements, so it can move about
    20 inches in any direction. The SkyPark also offers a 360-degree view of Singapore and boasts a 150-meter-long infinity pool.

    1. CityCenter Las Vegas

    Comprised of seven buildings, the construction of CityCenter was a massive undertaking, which has been estimated to have set back investors somewhere between 8.5-9.2 billion dollars. In total, it has
    16,797,000 square-feet of mixed-use space with 5,900 suites, 2,400 residences, and 12,000 employees. Designers incorporated green features into the design, such as a reclaimed water system and on-site
    power plant. There are also two massive spas, numerous shopping venues, and a fine-art collection worth over 40 million dollars by itself. CityCenter ‘s main building is The Aria Resort & Casino, which
    boasts a 150,000 square foot casino. Other buildings include Crystals, Harmon Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Vdara, The Veer Towers, and an on-site fire station.

    Casino construction is big-business, and these venues have it down to an art.
    Although they may not have alibi phone booths or gold sinks, they are certainly the most lavish in the world.
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    Me wants to play at every of them....great article.
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    Yes me too!
    I would love to visit each of the casinos listed above. That would be amazing! :)
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    Wow, Just walking around and have a look would be amazing!
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    Can you imagine how they must look inside? I don't care how much is spent on the cost of building them, I want to enjoy
    my time there and not walk out a loser. k, who's sending Seaman and I to Singapore?
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