6 Celebrities Who Enjoy Gambling Too

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  1. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    You would think that celebrities have enough entertaining things to do without doing something that us “normal people” do for fun. Besides, are they not busy making movies are whatever
    it is that famous people do in their alien world? Actually, you may be surprised at how many well-known celebrities enjoy a laid back evening of gambling fun. If the rich and the famous enjoy
    a good game of poker or blackjack they might not be so bad after all. Here is a list of six celebrities who are not ashamed of enjoying a good gamble.

    Celebrity One: Matt Damon

    Matt Damon is a very familiar face on the big screen, starring in big-name movies and action flicks that are well-known to many. Interestingly, Matt Damon is one of the more “normal” individuals
    in the famous crowd in Hollywood. Rumor has it that he is a pretty scandal-free guy, loyal dad, and (of course) avid gambler. In order to prepare for an acting role in the film “Rounders,” Matt Damon
    supposedly spent over $25,000 playing poker. It is safe to say that $25,000 later, Matt Damon knew a thing or two about the poker table. Fellow gamblers around the world can only assume that the
    little glint in his eye during poker matches is a similar love for the game. Whether you like his acting or not, you have to admire his “normal” lifestyle and enjoyment of gambling games such as poker.

    Celebrity Two: 50 Cent

    His real name is Curtis James Jackson the Third, but you may know him better by the title “50 Cent.” The famous rapper claimed to have never had a “real” job, having been born into a life of crime.
    Supposedly, crack cocaine was the family business. After spending time learning to rap in a friend’s basement, 50 Cent became a sensation and went on to do bigger things than selling illegal drugs.
    Most people don’t know that he also had an interest in gambling. Rumor has it that 50 Cent bet over $500,000 on a football game between the Giants and 49ers in the championship game of 2012.
    A man who would bet $500,000 on football, we can only assume, really enjoys a good bet.

    Celebrity Three: Tiger Woods

    The name Tiger Woods is known by just about everyone, including those who have zero interest in the game of golf. He is known as one of the world’s best golfers. Tiger Woods is many things, including
    a Buddhist, U2 fan, and two year Stanford attendee. More importantly, he has a lot in common with those visiting this online gambling site. You guessed it: Tiger Woods is fond of gambling. Apparently
    the famous golfer enjoys a night of fun at local casinos where he allegedly spends about $25,000 on a regular basis. If you run into a man who looks like Tiger Woods in a casino, it might actually be him.

    Celebrity Four: Ben Affleck

    The actor Ben Affleck has been nominated for two Academy Awards and walked away having won both of them. In the year 2004, Ben Affleck won the State Poker Championship in California—no small feat.
    This ruggedly good looking and sometimes very bearded celebrity is far more down-to-earth than you may have previously thought, considering the hours of poker practice and strategy he must have
    ntentionally studied to pursue his pastime of poker.

    Celebrity Five: Michael Jordan

    It seems as if a man who earned 80 million from Nike and 35 million annually during his basketball career with the NBA would have no desire to spend his time on things like gambling. He is considered
    the greatest athlete of the twentieth century—hardly your average Joe. However, Michael Jordan spent his free time doing what a lot of you do with yours: he was quite involved in the gambling scene.
    Unfortunately, some sources claim that Michael Jordan’s early retirement was due to an unhealthy gambling addiction. This should serve as a warning to gamblers of all ages to remember that gambling
    is about having fun, not about winning or losing.

    Celebrity Six: Charlie Sheen

    Charlie Sheen is quite the character in real life and a very prominent one in cinema. A man who likes tattoos (supposedly he has over twelve of them) and has a sense of fashion for children
    (he apparently launched his own children’s clothing line in 2006) is a man who you may guess enjoys a great many things, odd as they may seem. You may not be so surprised to learn that he
    also partook in a gambling bet or two, supposedly spending up to $20,000 on a weekly basis at casinos. He may be strange, but you have to respect his ability to have a good time.

    There you have it: six celebrities and their love for gambling. When the next tabloid comes out, you can now feel a little less distanced from the world of the rich and famous.
    We might not be so different after all.
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  2. dannyR

    dannyR New Member

    This 3 guys also love to gamble:
    Ray Romano
    Michael Phelps
    Brad Garrett
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  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Thanks DannyR, I love Brad Garrett! He is so funny!

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