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  1. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    This Friday will commerate the 8th anniversary of one of the greatest terrorist attacks on American Soil. Hopefully each of us will take a moment to pause and reflect upon how mans inhumanity to man affects each of us on a daily basis. This day brings a special moment of sadness to me personally because I lost a close friend in the Towers that day. And it just so happened that He was actually at a restaraunt there planning a birthday party for me which was going to occur the next day.

    When I think about how I was going to be there the next day it causes me to reflect upon how fate, karma, divine destiny, or whatever you happen to believe in can have such a dramatic affect on our lives.

    Whatever you are doing on this day, please take a moment to offer up your own prayers or well wishes, for the souls of those that passed on, and for the survivors left behind to carry on without them.
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  2. Kotsy

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    Thank you for posting Desp.

    I'll never forget this day the rest of my life.

    It will be a long, hard day as many will talk about it.

    My neighbor lost her sister and a candle burns in
    her window every night. I quietly say a prayer for
    her as I drive by.

    Reflect on what you have and what you respect.

    It can be taking from you in an instant.​
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  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    I carry you all in my hearth.
    God bless you​
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  4. vacant1

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    Was a very scary time, I actually left NYC by plane the day before this all happened.
    When you I really think about it 1 day could've been the end of my life. The people who caused and planned this are the only ones i've ever wished death upon hopefully one day we will get them.

    Always missed, never forgotten!!!
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