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  1. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member is zeer verheugd jou mede te mogen delen. Dat wij een Exclusieve welkomst aanbieding voor jou hebben klaarstaan, als je nog geen spelers account hebt bij All Slots Casino.

    Ontvang een bonus tot aan £/€/$200 op je eerste storting en krijg 25 GRATIS Spins
    op "Tomb Raider™-Secret of the Sword" Video Slot!

    Hoe in aanmerking te komen voor deze exclusieve aanbieding:

    Registreer een account bij All Slots Casino
    Maak een storting van 25 of meer - All Slots zal uw storting verdubbelen met
    een 100% Bonus tot aan 200.
    Je Gratis 25 Spins zullen beschikbaar zijn, binnen 1 uur nadat de storting
    is gemaakt.
    Deze aanbieding is ALLEEN geldig als je je bij All Slots Casino hebt geregistreerd via
    Wij adviseren je dan ook ten strengst om Internet Geschiedenis en cookies te wissen
    voordat je registreert via onze banner.

    All Slots Casino's Algemene Voorwaarden zijn van toepassing.

    All Slots Casino accepteert GEEN spelers uit de Verenigde Staten.
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  2. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Dank je wel Ellis.
    Wat een prachtig aanbod!!
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  3. marcelX

    marcelX Member

    echt niet deze casino! je krijgt geen 25 free spins! heb me aangemeld en krijg ze dus niet.
    zie online chat:You are now chatting with Harry

    Harry: Hi, I’m Harry from the All Slots Casino’s Live Chat support, how may I assist you?
    Me: hello,is the third time on the chat
    Me: because I,am waiting now more then 5 hours for the 25 free games
    Harry: You mean 25 free spins
    Me: yes
    Me: what is wrong here?
    Harry: Where did you here about this offer?
    Me: this morning,I have deposit for the first time
    Me: I get 100% BONUS and also the 25 free sins on tomb raider
    Me: The bonus I had this morning,but the 25 free spins not!
    Harry: I will be happy to check this for you. For security reasons, I will need to confirm your account details first. Please provide the following details:
    Casino account number:
    Email address registered:
    Full name:
    Full home address: (Including city, state and zip/postal code)
    Date of birth:
    Telephone number:

    Me: so they tell me wait two hours ,then you have it

    Harry: Thank you, your details have been confirmed. Can you please hold while I am checking this for you?
    Me: okay again, for the third time now
    Harry: One more moment please, I am still checking this for you.
    Harry: Thank you for waiting.
    Harry: Where did you see this offer, did you receive an email?
    Me: pff is the third time that I get this answer
    Me: the first time chat here this morning,they say ,you are eligble for the 100% bonus and also the 25 free spins
    Me: this is not good what happend here
    Harry: Please hold for a moment.
    Harry: One more moment please, I am still checking this for you.
    Me: they checking it three times this day, first time they say,you must wait 30 min for the free spins,get automatic, second time,they say,wait about one or two hours for the free games
    Me: and now..?
    Harry: I am still checking this for you, please hold for a moment.
    Me: is now 5 hours later,and still don,t have the free spins
    Harry: I am still checking this for you. Thank you for your patience.
    Me: I am still waiting and waiting and waiting...
    Harry: Thank you for waiting.
    Harry: I am going to forward this issue to our promotional department, please allow us up to 48 hours for reply.
    Me: pffff
    Me: normally you get the 25 free spins in 30 minutes!
    Harry: Thats why I am going to forward this issue to our promotional department.
    Harry: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
    Me: this is so wrong this casino,of course I,am angry and disappointed in this casino
    Me: I go write about this problem in, and they know me there
    Harry: I will forward this issue to our promotional department, please allow us 48 hours for reply.
    Harry: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I am sorry that they are having problems there with crediting the free spins Marcel

    We got the offer from our affiliate manager and as you see are our links directing to the specific landing page, so this should all be fine.

    It may be that you will have your free spins within the 48 hours.
    I remember Mike had a problem once with a match bonus they offered him, they did then say it was a mistake and he cannot get it, the live chat did not know anything bout the promo.
    Then still within 2 days he got an e-mail with an appology and his bonus was credited.

    Please can you let me know your All Slots username, I can ask my contact then why you have to wait that long for the free spins.
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  5. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Oh Marcel, did you check in the download casino?
    The free spins will not be available in the Flash Casino.
    And I assume you checked on Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword, ja?
    Not the normal Tomb Raider Slot.
    Just wanna make sure.
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  6. marcelX

    marcelX Member

    Hi Marina, my username Asr29659560, and I have downloaded and register the casino from the link at bonusparadise. and check in at the downloadcasino ,also I know Tomb Raider secret of the sword. at my first online chatting at all slots casino,they say,you get 100% bonus and the free 25 spins. and get automatic,the free spins I get in one hour. 2 hours later I checked again,but no free spins. at online support,they say,wait more one hour or two hours. 3 hours later I checked again,but no free spins! again at online support as you see in other reply. now I must wait 48 hours.I think now I never get the 25 free spins,so mistake this offer.
    greetz Marcel.
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  7. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you Marcel,
    We will ask why you did not get the free spins yet.
    Should you get in the meantime please let me know.

    Anyways I will ask what causes the problems with crediting the free spins.
    Don't want more players are disappointed.

    Sorry that this happened to you Marcel.
    I will let you know as soon I get response, this might take until monday.
  8. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Marcel, we have checked your account and I am sorry to tell that you are NOT tagged through us.

    Your account was opened on May 17 2010 through another advertiser.
    And also our offer here is only valid from July 22 on for NEW players signin up through us.

    This is why you did not receive that offer.

    I am sorry that I not have better news for you :sad:
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  9. marcelX

    marcelX Member

    okay,little bit strange,because when I logged in and want to make my first deposit,I ask to online support for the bonus,she looks in my account and says to me: congratilations! you are eligible for the 100% bonus on your first deposit and also 25 free spins on Tombraider secret of the sword!
    thats why I deposit of course.
    also when I logged in there,I saw the banner in the lobby,for the 25 free spins and deposit bonus 100%.
    also the second time online chat few hours later, another supportchat says to me,I see that you are eligible for the free spins.
  10. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Yes this is a bit strange, but it might have to do with that you have clicked on our link.
    Support is not able to see under which affiliate tag you have signed up.

    Still, they are a nice casino Marcel and always have some nice promos running.
    Wishing you best of luck and please next time you would like to claim one of our offers, understand that they are always for NEW players signing up through our links.

    We also always advise to delete cookies before you click on our links to register at the specific casino to make sure you are tagged to us. Sometimes people have already clicked another link to the casino on another website or in an e-mail and then you have a cookie set on your PC, so that you will be tagged to that affiliate you clicked at first.
  11. marcelX

    marcelX Member

    okay,thanks for the help anyway. for me this casino is closed.
    GO WILD CAsino is okay,there you get 30 free spins on thunderstruck2 and also 7 eur to play with.I get it directly.
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  12. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

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