any other poker rooms that pay quick?

Discussion in 'The Poker Talk Corner' started by vacant1, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    I always play at pstars now that fulltilt is done but i'm absolutely tired of playing there, Someone on here must know some place that will pay me quickly and without hassle because i can't play another hand at that crapstars.

  2. Ardilla

    Ardilla Well-Known Member

    Hi Vacant,

    I play at 32 Red Poker and they pay quickly. I can not say anything negative about them, just that Midrogaming Poker sites are different than PS.

    Sometimes I play at I Poker Sites like: Titan Poker.

    Depends what you like.

    Why you dislike the other one?
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  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    I have heard great things about
    TigerGaming. My dad is playing the freerolls there.
    It really seam to be a friendly place, but I dunno if they pay out quick..​
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  4. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    Let's just say it has more to do with frustration than anything else. They never did me wrong when it came to cashing me out but certain things seem to happen alot when the odds of them happening are extremely low.
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  5. Ardilla

    Ardilla Well-Known Member

    Vancant do you mean the special things about "the miracle of the dealer" ??

    Sometimes I wonder at some sites about this miracle...:eek:hyesss:
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  6. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    yes i mean those special things.

    In the last 2 days i've either been crippled or knocked out by people catching cards that
    were a 3%-7% chance of falling. I know that its poker and sometimes the cards don't go your way but almost 20 times in 2 days that happening it feels like they are out to get ya lol.

    I've played over 700 tournaments at ps and have never won one and barely come close to it.
    Everytime i'm getting down to the nitty gritty i get beat by some bs. Like last night dumbass goes all in with 88 and i've got AA .. don't they give him the 8 on the turn to knock me out with 40 players to go ....

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