Anyone have $10 at Fulltilt? I would like to trade.

Discussion in 'The Poker Talk Corner' started by Kondai, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. Kondai

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    I really hope I could build my bankroll at Fulltilt I deposited 2 times and lost it all. I really
    hit bad streak at this site ... best hand got suckouted and worst hand got what they suit for. Anyone here want to trade with me? I want only $10 at Full tilt. I could send you money at other site such as DoylesRoom, TiTan poker, PitbullPoker, Unibet(If its have transfer system). You can contact me via IM MSN : or e-mail :

    After we settle in the IM. You will need to send me money first and I will send you back.. I do this because 2-3 days ago I just trade $38 with other and I really honest to send my $$$ first and he cheating not to send my money back to paypal and I already contact to Security department of that site and site will block all his transaction until he send me $38 first but right now I didn't received yet. So you need to send me money first and I will send to you instant after I confirm that I received it. :socool:

    You send me $10 to my Full Tilt account and I will send you $11 at anysite you want or paypal account.
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  2. amophinomus

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    you are the one who need and ask for it.i don't think you'll find someone to transfer you first,even you say you was cheat a few are the one who must show that someone can trust everyone can come and say need some money but trnsfer first to him and after he will send back more
  3. Dmoney644

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    Trading amongst other players is a risky business sometimes but if you find some friends that you are comfortable with, it can really help playing among other sites. Maybe I will look into setting up a safe way to trade funds from time to time for some of our BP Poker Club Members in the future. For right now, Kondai i am sending you a pm.​
  4. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Trading and transfer can help many
    but as Dmoney said, it can be risky.

    But you must have the trust amongst
    all involved. It would be great if Dmoney
    can come up with something.​

    ****Disclaimer from Bonus Paradise

    Should any members engage in this type of transactions
    amongsts themselves, Bonus Paradise will not be held liable or
    will allow any post referring to any negative transactions.

    Should you engage in such behaviour, you are doing so
    at your own risk.​
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