April 15th...Tax deadline for USA

Discussion in 'Lets Talk about gambling and more...' started by Kotsy, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Just wondering how many of my fellow USA members
    are getting stressed as the deadline to file taxes with
    the government looms.

    Are you happy with Uncle Sam this year
    or pissed as heck?

    For myself, I am not too happy!!!!

    I've never had to pay taxes before, but
    this year...........hello?????

    Happy April 15th my fellow Americans.
  2. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    Oh Yeah Me Happy with Uncle Sam....NOT!:sad:
  3. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    hmmm, me wondering why President Obama didn't
    send BP some stimulus money. lol
  4. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    You know why many more Americans are gonna have to pay in this year? Because the stimulus part of the package that gave Americans a little break throughout the year last year and not as much taxes taken out of their paychecks essentially letting Americans keep a little more of their earned money instead of handing it over for taxes, what the government or Obama failed to mention to people was at the end of the year, you were still responsible for what ever percentage at the end of the year you are expected to meet those requirements regardless of how much taxes you paid throughout the year.

    say for instance, you make $20,000 a year and normally you would pay federal taxes of $2,000 for the year(just for an example) this past year, with Obama's stimulus package that allowed Americans to keep part of their federal taxes for a so called tax break so that Americans wouldn't have to pay in as much, say for example allowing them to keep $1,000 of that $2,000 throughout the year letting them keep more money out of their check.

    but, now the time to file taxes and now uncle sam says ok well, you made $20,000 and you should have paid in $2,000 in taxes but you only paid in $1,000 so you are short of $1,000 and you have to make that up now. Not mentioning it was uncle sam's idea in the 1st place to allow us to keep more of our paycheck.

    So now, you finally realize that NOTHING is free and that the government just sugar coats things to make things look great.

    Keep in mind, the #'s i used up top is just for example use not actual stats but you should be able to understand what has happened to many Americans and not even knowing this is the reason why.

    My wife is a tax office manager so some things i just pick up on, if you didn't notice that the federal tax amount you use to pay all the time had suddenly changed to a different amount, then what it usually would be, and now you have Mr. Obama and his staff and hell, the rest of the government to thank for that.

    Thanks for nothing and screwing us at the end of the year Uncle Sam!

    I noticed at the beginning of the year that what i should have paid in taxes for what i had made when i started a new job was not what i would normally pay, it was like $40-$50 less than what i would usually pay and told the Secretary that something wasn't right. She had told me pretty much that she was not wrong, but i told her maybe she wasn't wrong but SOMETHING was wrong because i should be paying in more.

    I had to call my wife to see what she could find out and she found out that part of the stimulus package actually allowed married couples to keep more out of their pay checks. But i knew that at the end of the year i would somehow still be responsible for what i should have paid in taxes and had the company i was working for to withhold federal taxes at a higher rate so that it should be around what i knew what i should have paid.

    Anyways, i hope this helps peeps understand what could have affected many Americans this year at tax time.
  5. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Thanks D. I had noticed the difference and immediately
    has extra taking out. What screwed me was my son
    turning 13. No more Child Care credit. It was a killer!
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