Beat The Brunson's $100,000 Challenge At Doyle's Room!

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  1. Dmoney644

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    The Challenge:

    The most legendary family in poker is taking on the online poker world!

    “Beat the Brunsons” kicks off Monday night at 9:30pm ET. DoylesRoom's newest tournament where everyone is a bounty! On top of the tournament payouts, you get $5 for every player you eliminate and special Brunson Bounties from $250 to $1,000 for knocking out each of the family members. If you can survive the crossfire and eliminate each Brunson, you will receive a monster cash bonus of $100,000. That's no chicken feed, so you can be sure nobody is going down without a fight!

    More Prizes:

    There are many ways to cash in this one of a kind event.

    •$100,000 Beat The Brunsons Bounty- Knock them all out and this cash mountain is yours.

    • Tournament Prize Pool - Go deep in the tournament and you'll be rewarded handsomely.
    • $500 Casino Chip - The tournament winner gets a bonus $500 in their DoylesCasino account.
    • Everyone's A Bounty - Take aim at all other players because everyone has a $5 cash bounty on their head.
    • Brunson Bounties - Cash anywhere from $250 to $1,000 when you eliminate a Brunson from the tournament.

    • $5,000 10/2 Challenge - Doyle won back-to-back WSOPs with 10/2. K.O. him with it and we'll pay you $5,000.
    • Brunson Family Feud -If a Brunson knocks out another Brunson, everyone at that table gets their buy-in back.

    • Get Beat By The Man - Getting knocked out of a tournament by Doyle Brunson is nothing to be ashamed of, it's happened to the best of them. If Tex Dolly takes you out, we'll send you a free copy of one of his bestselling books so you can sharpen your game and come back for another shot.

    Get In The Game:

    This is your only chance to take on all the Brunsons at once and we're making it affordable for everyone.

    •Direct buy-in for only $10+1

    •Sit N Go standard, speed, and turbo satellites running 24/7 for $1.10+.11.

    •Heads up satellites for $5.50+.55

    •Daily multi-table feeder for $1.10+.11

    How Does It Work:

    Tournament Name: Beat The Brunsons
    Day: Mondays 9:30pm ET
    Game Type: No Limit Hold'Em
    Buy-in: $10+1
    Blinds: 10 minutes
    Starting Chips: 2,000
    Late Registration: 15 minutes

    Beat The Legend And His Family At Doyles Room
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  2. krown

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    I tried this tourney but I didn`t know about all of the ways you could possibly win money thanks for the heads up.
  3. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    You are quite welcome Krown, good luck if
    you play in it tommorow night! Take out the whole family and collect the $100,000!
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