Big Bet Poker gets a makeover

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  1. ojisplayin

    ojisplayin Well-Known Member

    Big Bet Poker has updated the rewards, lobby, well everything. :eek:hyesss:

    I was so stoked, until I found out my beloved "BADUGI" tourney is gone. Discontinued-actually it is totally removed according to Live Chat.... Waahhhh!! :sad::sad:

    Back to Bingo for sure I say... LOL :bingooo::bingooo:
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  2. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    so many changes lately.

    I think the next 6 months will spell out all
  3. peteyweestro

    peteyweestro Active Member

    TY for the info, i will have to go check out Big Bet now and see whats up !
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  4. Masida

    Masida Active Member

    And don't forget all the christmas freerolls. They start running from 5th December.
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  5. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    TY Masida:w_figuren_19:
  6. cornerkick

    cornerkick Banned

    it sucks when this happens.
    i know i once followed a freeroll to register and when to play just couldn't find the game. I found out i was canceled :hitme:

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