Big Spenders with Grand Mondial Casino - 3 x £/€/$10 Cash Prizes

Discussion in 'Current Contests' started by Ellis, May 15, 2009.

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  1. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Grand Mondial Casino is an awesome Microgaming Casino, with over 300 games.
    And they offer a 400% match bonus when you make your first deposit!

    They are known for Providing the
    best customer service!

    Me personally love to play at Grand Mondial Casino, and I was just thinking....
    What If I would hit really a big one? OMG, I could buy anything I want and
    I would definitely share it with my loved ones.

    I mean, It's possible at Grand Mondial Casino.
    They have a huge list of winners!
    We would like to know, how
    you would spent it!

    Post your answer below, along with your Grand Mondial
    Casino account number.

    3 Winners will be randomly drawn from all entries
    to win one of the

    3 x £/€/$ 10 Cash Prizes!
    For Grand Mondial Casino
    (*Cash deposited directly into your Grand Mondial Casino account)

    This contest is open for new
    and existing players at Grand Mondial Casino

    Anyone is eligible for the prize,
    due it is a Cash Prize, it is not a Bonus.

    This contest will start
    May 16,2009
    and ends
    May 31, 2009

    * This is an exclusive contest with Bonus Paradise.
    Under no circumstances do you contact the Casino regarding this contest.
    i.e.: No inquiry about contest rules, wins or credits relating to this contest.
    Bonus Paradise is in full control of all related inquiries regarding this.
    If you do, you will forfeit all future contest entries.
    In case you have questions or concerns, you can ask the Bonus Paradise Staff
    by doing a post or sending a PM (private message)
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  2. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    What a great contest Ellis!!

    I would surely have to share it
    with my friends on Bonus Paradise.

    Hey, didn't some just do that recently?

    Good luck everyone​
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  3. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    Wonderful contest Ellis!
    If I won...I'd PLAY for days:lmao:
    and of course share with my BP Family!
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  4. luckymenan

    luckymenan Active Member

    Wow~Ellis,this is really :socool:!!! Hummmm let me see...Yup, I don't even have to think twice to answer. I hardly ever buy lottery tickets or any raffle tickets 'cause, I just never win~~~~~~~~~:sad: but still, hey I can dream what if...The first thing I would like to do is to pay for my baby brother's(18 years younger) medical school tuition which breaks my heart that my mom still work a lot to pay for my brother and he still has 12 years more years to go...cost a fortune and the rest of money I will put in the bank for my two kids. me? and my hubby? what about us,huh? well, okay, okay...I sure will hire a nanny to watch my kids and take off with my hubby to go to Disneyland...ha ha ha!!!:lmao: vgmr01308390 :thank you:
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  5. Booo73

    Booo73 Active Member

    For the first time in 10 years I would finally get out of debt and then I would take my 3 year old son (and my hubby I guess lol) to Disneyland.

    ID is Vgmr01626050

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  6. burgundygirl

    burgundygirl Active Member

    definitely put college funds away,travel around the world,share with people i love.

    vgmr00019094:thank you:
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  7. Lunadelmar

    Lunadelmar Active Member

    I would Dearly LOVE to be able to take the ENTIRE family , grandkids , kids and spouses on a cruise or to Niagara Falls. We have all done the DisneyWorld trip as most of us live near Orlando . Just to be able to get everyone including my daughter , son in law and 2 granddsons from Mich together would be awesome
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  8. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for you super post!
    I wish each one of you the big one!!!!
    I mean, we never know!
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  9. joc21

    joc21 Member

    pay off debts!!! Too many , i have....
    :thank you:
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  10. Cheezhed

    Cheezhed Active Member

    I think I would probably take Pop back to Hawaii, as he has not been back there since he was posted there during the Korean War. And of course I would let him twist my arm to go to Reno and fly my Mom out to join us.
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  11. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for entering!
    Goodluck in the contest!:hugs: ​
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  12. cameer

    cameer Member

    I would firtst get the hell out of debt, then get the hell out of town! GET THE HELL OUTTA MY 11 YEAR OLD CAR AND BUY ME BRAND NEW ONE. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY GIVE MY 10% TO CHURCH, BECAUSE I OWE IT ALL TO THE MAN ABOVE!!

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  13. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    well i'd probably buy a big ass house(pool and all), get the hell outta debt put 10% to the side for gambling lol, and stash the rest and live off the interest. Oh can't forget about my dream car(porsche).


    ps. throw bp a few slot tournys and poker tournys gotta spread the love!
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  14. crystal8323

    crystal8323 Well-Known Member

    I would pay off all my debt and buy a reliable vehicle so that we could go to see my hubby's family. He is such a good sport. I live very close to my family but he has not been able to see his father in over 10 years and only sees some of his other relatives once every couple years. I would also get health insurance so I could go to a doctor which I have been unable to do since my son was born 6 years ago. Thanks for the contest!

    Vgmr00023474 :hugs:
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  15. ronwho2

    ronwho2 Active Member

    OMG new cars,houses ,jewels all those big ticket things vgmr00001563
  16. Zagora

    Zagora Member

    First of all, definitely set my kids up with houses, etc, get myself a bigger place, too, share the wealth among family and friends, then the charities, etc, take a cruise, visit Rome again, and try as hard as I can to spend the rest of it ... oh, and definitely a trip to Vegas, never been before!!! Cheers everyone and goodluck. Vgmr01915184 :ny2:
  17. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Wow guys it sounds all wonderfull!
    Hmmmmmmm, I think I also would go on a cruise :hugs:​
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  18. herlis

    herlis Active Member

    if that happens , i think i will save and deposit most of the money first and really decide what i shoul do with it and i will share and give some money to family and some close friends.
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  19. brunett4747

    brunett4747 Active Member

    :socool:great contest send my grandkids to college and give the spending money for now Vgmr00022100
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  20. queenmap

    queenmap Well-Known Member

    Hmmm..if I would win a big one I would probably go shopping. Pay some bills of course and gamble some of it too. :socool:

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