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    Bucksy Malone Online Slot - Gangsters rule the world

    Step back in time when the world was full of gangsters and mobsters. Bucksy Malone video slot from BetOnSoft is reminiscent of the early 1900's. It brings back the cool and
    slick of the underworld and at that time their world was the way. The notorious mobsters of yesteryear live on today. Some of the most famous have died and have never been found.
    Where did Al Capone end up? To this day, the mystery continues and society is enthralledwith the underlying world of gangsters/mobsters.

    Be taken back in a time win the society was ruled by the good, the bad and the ugly. Back in the day, crime did pay. You paid up or else and that is the enticement with this fun, filled slot game.

    The likeness of this slot game is so similar to the series of the Godfather movies starring Al Pacino, it makes one wonder if it was created after them. Or did BetOnSoft get enticed with
    the musical theater release of Bugsy Malone? No matter, it seems there needs to be a Jessica Rabbit in here some where. But, wait.....there is the sexy and alluring Hollywood Starlet.
    She may not be a rabbit, but she surely has the allure within the slot.Imagine living in the day when prohibition of whiskey existed? The sleek dressed men would be selling the stuff in an
    alley at incredible prices and you had no choice. Everyone of them carried a machine gun and there was always a brute or two amongst them. You could always tell who the gangsters were.
    They were the ones that were dressed to the nines in their pin stripped suits and eloquent ties. They always wore some type of a hat an had an attitude of winning.


    Bucksy Malone will have you shooting your way with 40 paylines that is spread amongst 5 reels and 3 rows. Wonder if any kind of a "tax" from the gangsters were levied on those paylines.

    Playing BetOnSoft games online for real money, players have easy access to how they wish to play the game. Choose your number of lines, amount of coin per bet and the size of your coin
    with just a click. It's fast and easy to figure out. Your bank balance is also displayed to the right. You have many options to make this game run smoothly for you. From lowering the sounds
    to the graphic content is within your reach.

    With the Italian flair of Bucksy Malone, all winning symbols will pay the player left to right. At any given time during regular game play, the Crazy Assassin may appear on the left or right corner
    of your screen and shootout a wild symbol that could increase your chances of achieving a winning payline. He's called the Crazy Assassin, but back in the day that was surely the Hitman.

    Winning symbols include the wild Boss or also known as the Godfather, who substitutes for all symbols except the Assassin Scatter.
    You have the Thug, Hollywood Starlet, Vintage Car, Machine Gin, Whiskey Barrels, Bankroll of Money, Shaving Scalpel, Brass Knuckles, Hat and a nice Spaghetti Dinner.

    Bucky Malone Slot offers two great features where you could increase your bankroll tremendously:

    Feature 1 - Free Spins

    When three or more Crazy Assassins appear anywhere on the reels, you will be rewarded with 10 freespins. You can receive 2x's, 3x's or even 4x's the winning amount.
    Here is your chance to shoot your way to an incredible bankroll. This feature can not be re-triggered should you receive 3 or more Crazy Assassins, he only adds to the multiplier of winnings.

    Feature 2 - Whiskey Run

    Prohibition takes the forefront for this feature. You'll find yourself in a back alley choosing Whiskey Drums for winnings. Pick three and all the winnings are yours.

    Bucksy Malone is one online video slot that has something for everyone.

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  2. Marina

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    Ahh this new slot game from betonsoft looks great!
    I will give Bucky Malone a try at the Genesys Casinos this week.

    Thanks for the nice review Kotsy :)
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    This slot really looking great!
    Thanks for the nice Review Cat!
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  4. Marina

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    Bucksy Malone is indeed fun to play. Played for hours on it.
    A very entertaining online slot.
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