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  1. Marina

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    New fraud scam tries to exploit the top reputation of European betting group

    Online gamblers are being warned to be on the alert this week for fraudsters who have been trying to exploit the reputation of the major listed European online gambling group Bwin to leverage a criminal advantage over players.

    A number of players have reported receiving emails which appear to be from Bwin, and which claim that the recipient has been selected to enter a raffle with the possibility of winning large prizes. The email contains a link, and the recipient is asked to use the link and ostensibly log-in to Bwin. But the link actually routes to a site called Bwimpoker (note the fourth letter).

    Those unwary enough to respond risk prejudice in two ways. Firstly, their log-in information is at risk by phishing, and secondly the scamsters follow up with an email requesting a deposit of $500 before the prize can be claimed, with the proviso that the player is not to log-in to Bwin for the next four days! The implications are obvious.

    The gambling group, one of the most reputable on the Internet, is believed to be investigating the issue with the appropriate authorities.

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  2. wolverine30

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    Thank you for posting this Marina.
    A friend of mine got that exact email yesterday. They said they were almost fooled by it.
    Now a days you really have to be careful with all these phishing attempts. Anymore, I tell everyone I can. Never click on a link in your email that has anything to do with your finances, or accounts. If you get an email that you believe is legit. Go to the website yourself by typing it in your location bar and log in. Never Click on the email link.

    Hope this helps someone :)

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  3. villarge

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    Thanks for this. Its scary stuff and you can see how it could be easy to get caught out.

    Usually the advice "beware something for nothing - there is usually a catch" is good advice. However with poker promotions we are all familiar with sites offering us nice promotions to get us to deposit so this is not so easy to spot.

    Thanks for the warning

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  4. slucky

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    I have my eyes open with this kind of e-mail, I know about this "fraud tricks" long time ago and I always look twice to see if the link is correctly and I don't assure any risk.

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