calling it a day for good :(

Discussion in 'Lets Talk about gambling and more...' started by Sparkz, May 27, 2009.

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  1. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Well its been about 6 years since my 1st gamble and here i am,

    Over the years its been great fun playing, from the thrills of getting 100 free spins to the excitement of getting blackjack on your 1st hand but i really think its time to quit for good

    A lot of things with gambling used to be simple. You pay your money and if luck is on your side you can cashout with no questions asked and of course if you lose you would of had a bit of fun, exciting entertainment. But 1 of the reasons that im quitting is down the the problems nowadays.

    As mentioned, years ago things were a lot easier but nowadays 1 of the wonders i always have is not when will i get my winnings but if i will see them at all.

    Often i could be waiting weeks for payout, even months and a lot of the time it does feel like im going in a roundabout with them where i cant just play and cashout. If I lose then nothing is said but if i win, often its really a lot of hassle to bother with (sending in signed forms, photocopying i.d, waiting days for a reply).

    Its not even as easy as finding a casino, signing up and playing because more often than not you have to scout the net and research to see if the casino you wanted to play at was not a "rogue".

    Iv had plenty of good memories and good times gambling (like playing a certain slot then having the theme tune stuck in my head all day

    I think now i'll just be more happier saving money or investing it into no risk things

    The hard part now is contacting all the casinos i have played with to cancel accounts (once grand mondial have processed my payout of course lol)

    I'll still be here posting away :D but i just think gambling online has become a lot less fun/more risky nowadays

    thanks to mike, marina and all other mods/members for the help :D

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  2. Beefheartz

    Beefheartz New Member

    O well m8,good luck in Life without betting!
    my advice is to make sure you cancel all your gambling accounts asap,because if you leave even one of them alive,it may just temp you once more .hehe.
    and by the sounds of your post,it`s wasted enough of your time,i do sympathize as I`ve been messed about too.
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  3. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    Well Sparkz, I probably should follow your lead and quit also, but then, what kind of gambling forum moderator could I be if I didn't actually gamble. :nuts:

    I am glad to see that you agree to continue posting once in awhile because we consider all our members to be part of the Bonus Paradise family and we would still like to hear from you once in awhile...Good luck in the future and stay in touch....:thank you:
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  4. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    thanks for the replys all,

    i think yeh the best idea is to close em all, so far all closed (bar grand mondial for that payout)

    im glad today opened my eyes completely, lost over £60 (grrr lol). It had shown me how nasty gambling can be to people, 1 minute your £100 up, the next its all gone and usually for me if i have a nice win its spent the following week putting it back in,

    completely agree with that Beefheartz, often the joy of a nice win is short lived with all the roundabout ways they percieve (well the last 3 casinos i joined anyway)

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  5. slucky

    slucky Active Member

    Well Sparkz I'm sure you took the better decision for you, we apreciatte you are sharing your feelings with us. Good luck in investing the money in other things and we are happy that even you won't be a gambler anymore, you'll stay in touch with us ! :beer: :thank you:
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  6. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    I commend you on your decision Sparkz. It's a very hard decision to
    make and stick with it. Once you feel you've gone far enough and you've
    lost the enjoyment of playing, only you can make a correct decision.

    We look forward to still hearing from you so don't be a stranger.
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  7. mmek4kids

    mmek4kids Active Member

    :socool:would not want to add up what i have lost over the years between land based and internet i would be most depressed not to mention my husband and i both gamble and ever time we lose we say thats it yea right hasen't worked yet but good luck to you in your dission to take a break
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  8. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    I just wanna give you a big hug Sparkle.
    You are an amazing and fantastic member!!:hugs:​
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  9. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    yayyy, thank u :D,

    thats all down to the mods, admins and members here, as i mentioned before if people werent so great here i wouldnt wanna post but i know whatever i post/reply to will have a decent reply or help someone in some way who appreciates it :D

    talk about gambling being addictive, bonusparadise is more addictive before you even enter a casino lol

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  10. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    You can say THAT AGAIN!
    Sparkz I think it so awesome that you show such strength!
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  11. OneFastMoFu

    OneFastMoFu New Member

    How nice of you to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with us. Hope you'll stick with your decision and day by day feel better about it, and hopefully find a more productive and fun way to use the time you spent gambling.

    One question, does this involves poker or just casino games?
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  12. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Sparkz, 1st I would like to say,
    respect to your post.

    I wish for you that you find something else entertaining which costs you less money than gambling.
    Since you told us you had already closed your casino accounts some time ago, and started then to play again, I was a bit worried about you.
    I am glad you find your way now hon.

    I for myself cant complaint about playing in online casinos,
    once a winner and once a looser, this is how it goes for me.
    I did never wait weeks for a cashout, but I know it happens to some.
    Well maybe did not happen to me yet, cuz I stick only with a few online casinos where I know how fast the pay.
    But for sure there are always players which get screwed from bad casinos or are waiting too long on a cashout.
    We try to help provide the best info what we can get to make such things less happen.

    As said already Sparkz, really hope you find your way now and ejoy a happy life.
    You are always welcome on Bonus Paradise, it was our pleasure to help you, no thank you needed, we are just happy to see if things getting solved.
    Would be nice if you stop by from time to time and let us know how ya doing hon.

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  13. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    thanks there :D

    yeh i'll b around for good :D, helping out, etc :p

    thanks again


    onefastmofu: yeh it does involve poker also, i never really played poker much anyways, good things must come to an end at 1 point or another ;)
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  14. morlocko

    morlocko Member

    I play Poker Online but not a lot. I play often freeroll (not big win but lot of fun and no loose of money). I'm not a very lucky man so if i put 100$ on a room you can be sure i'll losse all of them in a day. For that reason i don't give too much from my money :p

    Hope to see you again sparkz.

  15. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    I hear ya sparkz! I hired here to help out for a few weeks...last
  16. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    lol... its all the nice people here :D
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