Cant find a " general " section .

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    WELSHGIT Member

    yep im here causing trouble again lol

    i found a general poker + general bingo + general casino section but no general chat section .

    just for general chat .

    anyway reason im looking is i just tried to post a casino win in one of the threads asking for best wins and it wont let me until i do 15 posts

    now as much as i think thats a good idea , does this mean that after 15 posts no one checks what people post ?

    as all the other forums im with there is no " start limit " on posting pics and things

    anyway rules are rules and i abide by them ( most of the time lol )

    now i better get posting so i can get used to this place lol .
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  2. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Bonus Paradise WELSHGIT.

    We do have a general thread for chit chat
    and you posted in it. rof

    You seem to be a very conscientious person by stating
    "rules are rules" and we thank you for that.
    Yes, there are rules for posting. We feel if you wish to become an active
    member and post pics and such, 15 posts isn't alot to ask.

    Every post here does get read.

    We look forward to you becoming an active member and hope you enjoy
    yourself. Any questions, just private message staff or leave a post.
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  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Hehe, Welshgit, guess what,
    yeah you found it

    The only thing what is restricted is to post links, links can only be posted if a member has 15 posts, I know this may be not nice for some, but believe me, since we have set this so, we have much less spammers.

    Did you want to post a link? Please let me know more details, so I can figure out if all is set ok.

    LOL; nope, we always try to read through all posts. some may get overlooked,
    then still one day we see it.

    If there is anything I can help, please feel free to contact me via PM or just post awayyyy

    Have a great time Welshgit :thank you:
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    WELSHGIT Member

    well thanks you 2 for the quick replys

    i can wait to post that pic as been said 15 posts is nothing realy will post it in a few days lol .

    mick knows i dont do things by pm ( unless its realy confidential )

    as far as im concerned any probs i have or questions i have should be put on the open forum ( i am very pro free speech and i hate censorship )
    and i am always of the opinion that if i have a question or problem then some1 else on the forum prob got a simular prob or question so if i get it answered on the open forum it saves others who are to frightened to ask

    ps - see how good i am i found the general chat section without even knowing :neujahr_34:
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  5. thewitz

    thewitz New Member

    well as i was going back after i reas your cant find a general place i saw your screen name barbie and then the little remark under it and it made me laugh(barbie is a ....) i ned to blow off some steeam about a webmaster runin (not from Bonus Paradise ) oh it is paradise here .... i say koudos!!! to the (what do i call the ones that run the site?) i never see any harsh posts or replys or penalties here its always pleasant so enough already i wish i could repeat the stuff that was said berween myself and a webmaster from another site cause i was in tears.... to get back to my purpose,,, where does a member go to "chat here or post comments?:...............thewitz
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  6. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Hi thewitz, thanks for the kind words about Bonus Paradise

    to your question, where to go at Bonus Paradise to chat or post comments,
    well it depends on the topic dear, as you can see we have diffrent sections/areas on our forum, find the one which you think your topic belongs too and just start a new thread,

    for general chit chat about this and everything you are here in the right place

    Lets Talk about gambling and more...
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