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    Casino Titan is the home to the “fastest cash outs” available at any online casino.
    They pride theirselves on making sure players are 100% satisfied with experience at this casino and that includes receiving winnings in the fastest and securest manner possible!

    Some online casinos will make you wait days and days, some can linger for entire weeks at a time before you actually have your cash winnings in your hand to spend and do what you wish with.

    Not at Casino Titan, once you hit that cashout button and the process begins you will only wait 24 hours for the “pending” (this is the time that your winnings are in holding, in which were we are starting the process of sending your winnings to your chosen method of receipt) period to end and your money is processed on to the “sending” stage. One important piece of information that needs to be included is the “faxback” form that all online casinos require when a pending cashout is being processed. This form is for your security as well as theirs, and it provides the needed credentials to prove you are the correct player for that account by asking for proof of ID, proof of address and a copy of the used credit card for this account. This information is vital to a fast cashout, and to your safety and the casinos', you wouldn’t want someone else receiving your winnings and they wouldn’t want to send your winnings to a fraudulent person. So when you have a winning day at this spectacular casino and you have won some cash, remember to download the “faxback forms” (ask the customer service about these forms and they will be more than happy to assist you in getting the needed paperwork completed and your winnings to you!) sign them and send the required information.
    That’s all you need to do, once this is done your winnings will be in your hands before you know it!

    Casino Titan loves to pay winning players because it gives them a reputation for being a respected and trustworthy online casino, which is exactly what they strive to be. They also have a nice incentive for their players aim for and that’s their VIP title.

    Why would you want to become a VIP at Casino Titan?
    Well for starters there is no 24 hour pending period for cash outs!
    That’s right, no pending period needed when you’re a VIP at Casino Titan,
    that’s because to become a VIP you have already built up a reputation with them as being a trustworthy and respected player and they reward your loyalty with them by giving you special treatment and offers!

    They also offer “No Fees” on any of our cash out options (except wire transfers and checks).
    Casino Titan feels that by no tacking on any type of withdrawal fees for their cash out options is another way of showing loyal and new players that they at Casino Titan are all about the player and their experiences with them. This will build a long lasting relationship between you and and this online casino and that is worth more than a few dollar fees which some other casinos feel is more important than having loyal, happy players.

    Casino Titan looks forward to having you join their family of happy players and winning players.

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    Thank you for the great post Marina. Dont you just love Casino Titan!
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