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  1. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

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  2. Ardilla

    Ardilla Well-Known Member

    :thank you: and I hope lots get biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig:eek:hyesss::spinnslot:
  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    woww very nice Kotsy!!:easter3:
  4. misshellbelle

    misshellbelle New Member

    I received the same e-mail..although when i logged in, it wasn't there. I contacted support and they said they are having tech issues and to give them my information so they can notify me when resolved...well it has been over 24 hours (closer to 48) and they say they are still having problems...lalala....same thing. i personally have put more than 15 dollars worth of effort into redeeming it. But they shouldnt say it is in your account if it isnt. Hope someone finds it in their account as written. Good Luck All!
  5. davis4660

    davis4660 Member

    Yea they told me the same thing so I'm sure they will get it straightend out.
  6. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    For the members from the USA who are told that Vip Lounge Group has tech issues to credit the free bonus which was promised via e-mail:

    Please note that Microgaming Casinos withdraw from the USA
    so this might have to do with that they cannot credit the free bonus anymore even their system did send out the e-mails automatically.

    Please read more info about what happened regarding online gambling in the USA by following the links below:

    I feel terribly sorry for all the U.S. players :sad:
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