check intertops green & royal joker accts

Discussion in 'Freebies - Free Tourneys - No Deposit Bonuses' started by burgundygirl, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. burgundygirl

    burgundygirl Active Member

    i looked in my Royal Joker and Intertops Green & pop up came up saying i had bonus,just logged out & back in and there they were,awesome casinos,woo hoo:socool::ny2::kiss:good luck to all that get these.$25 in both.
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  2. i got $25 in both too tytyty
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  3. mallicai6

    mallicai6 New Member

    omg thank you sooooo much normally i dont check my accounts because i never get free money but i logged into royal joker just for the hell of it and it said i got a bonus for $25 yayyyyyyyyyyy tytytytytytyty gl ev1:thank you: :kiss:
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  4. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    Great post...I found $25.00 at Intertops green..woohoo! Thanks.
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  5. mandela112

    mandela112 New Member

    i get 25 for can i get other 25 for intertops green casino?i have check but notting in my intertops green casino..
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  6. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    Congratulations on the $25 from royal to the Intertops Green it is entirely at the discretion of the casino if they want to credit you there also...Good Luck and Win Big...:thank you:
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  7. pauld11

    pauld11 Active Member

    I had $25 in Royal Joker & $25 in intertops Green

    Thank you for the post


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  8. mandela112

    mandela112 New Member

    got somebody without me didnt get 25 bonus for intertops?
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  9. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    not everyone gets something

    burgundygirl just posted a heads up to check accounts.
    She did not say all must have a bonus, hon.

    I also have nothing in my accounts , lol
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  10. queenmap

    queenmap Well-Known Member

    According to my made it sound like a miss you. I have not deposited there for a month or two. With the Amazing Race promo going on, its a way for them to get us to come back and play.

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