Chilipoker DeepStack Open 2011 is back!!!

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    Chilipoker DeepStack Open 2011

    Chilipoker DeepStack Open 2011 –
    A Sunny Start with Stages in Lloret de Mar, Cannes and Marrakech!:eek:hyesss:

    After its huge success in 2010 where almost 3000 players participated across Europe and Morocco – the Chilipoker DeepStack Open is back in 2011 for another exciting season of top-class poker! As for every stage of the DSO the buy-in remains at €550. This gives every type of player the opportunity to participate in an international circuit tournament at a minimum expense.

    Chilipoker DSO: The First DeepStack Tour for Pros and Amateurs

    To ensure we satisfy the needs of all our players, the DSO has chosen its destinations wisely
    acknowledging factors such as: low cost flights, negotiable hotel rates, cheaper side events, low limit cash games... Every DSO stage has been created to welcome between 500 and 800 players, thus guaranteeing a large prize pool with an estimated first prize of €35,000 to €40,000! Thanks to its strong European reputation and the ability to qualify online the Chilipoker DeepStack Open is the perfect opportunity for poker enthusiasts from all over Europe to play an international live event.
    Whether you’re an amateur looking for a long poker weekend or a professional looking to win your nextbig tournament, the Chilipoker DSO allows you to discover attractive destinations such as the gorgeous Lloret de Mar (on the Costa Brava), the world-famous Cannes and the magical city of Marrakech. Furthermore, to really spice up the new season, the Chilipoker DeepStack Open has many surprises for all our players:

    The Next 2011 Stages: Costa Brava, Cannes and Marrakech!
    March 31st to April 3rd : Chilipoker DSO Costa Brava (Lloret de Mar, Spain)

    « Poker... Fiesta... Tapas... and ... Chupitos! »
    It’s time to bring your poker skills to the Costa Brava! The Chilipoker DeepStack Open is back and we’ve picked another dream destination - the Gran Casino Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar, on the gorgeous Costa Brava! This first stage of the season is perfect in so many ways... Huge poker room, late night bar, wonderful restaurant, low rate hotels, low cost airline destination (Gerona – 20mins), sandy beaches... and all of this in the Spanish fiesta atmosphere! This will certainly be one of a kind, so don’t wait until the tournament has sold out!!!

    April 28th to May 1st : Chilipoker DSO Cannes (France)
    « Red Carpet for the Chilipoker DSO! »
    The second stage of the Chilipoker DeepStack Open in 2011 will take you to the legendary city of Cannes! Visit and play poker in the luxurious French movie capital just one week before the world famous International Film Festival! Enjoy an early summer under the palm trees of the famous Croisette Avenue and drink coffee on one of the many sunny terraces facing the sea!! With more than 500 players expected, most of them coming from France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain, the Chilipoker DSO Cannes promises to be one of the most prestigious Chilipoker events in 2011! Moreover Chilipoker negotiated special hotel rates for you in top-class hotels right next to the Casino!

    June 23rd-26th : Chilipoker DSO Marrakech Summer (Morocco)
    “The Holiday Gateway”
    After the huge success of the first Moroccan DSO in November 2010, which sold out with more than 400 registered players and a further 300 on the waiting list – the Chilipoker DeepStack is returning to the Casino de Marrakech!
    With two starting days and more than 500 expected players we have every ingredient to ensure that this is going to be another unforgettable event: sun, fun and luxury! Don’t miss out, the Chilipoker DSO Marrakech is not just a poker tournament, it’s a life changing experience!

    Chilipoker DSO Season 2: more bonuses, prizes and promotions!

    Play at Chilipoker and enjoy crazy bonuses and amazing prizes at every Chilipoker DeepStack Open! Free DSO seats, iPads, Laptops and tons of cash...
    Moreover, Chilipoker is giving away 3 fantastic opportunities to win a full years DSO sponsorship in 2012 and to become a member of the Chili DSO Team!!! Buy-in, accommodation, transport... Fly around Europe and Morocco in 2012 and Chilipoker pays for you!

    Stage 2011 Venue Dates
    DSO Costa Brava Gran Casino Costa Brava 31/03 - 03/04
    DSO Cannes Casino Cannes Croisette 28/04 - 01/05
    DSO Marrakech Summer Casino Es Saadi 23/06 - 26/06
    DSO Paris To be confirmed September
    DSO Malta Casino Portomaso 06/10 – 09/10
    DSO Vienna Montesino Casino 03/11 - 06/11
    DSO Marrakech Winter Casino Es Saadi 15/12 – 18/12

    Chilipoker DSO Leaderboard
    Chilipoker is offering 3 exclusive DSO sponsorships in 2012!
    Do you think you can be a DSO Pro? Do you want to represent Chilipoker in 2012?
    Play your best throughout 2011; collect DSO points, top the yearly Leaderboard and you’ll surely find yourself being a member of the CHILI DSO TEAM 2012! The top 3 players will have their Buy-In, hotel, transport... everything is paid for by Chilipoker for every DSO event all year long...

    New Year – New DSO VIP status
    Like last year Chilipoker will be rewarding all our VIP players by offering them lots of hefty bonuses and expensive gifts!
    And to top that, we have also made it even easier to obtain your DSO VIP Status: simply collect 1,000FPPs on Chilipoker and enjoy the following:
    - Spicy Bubble: The bubble is close and all the players of your table are stuck on their chips? Well don’t threat anymore - thanks to the Spicy Bubble the 3 VIP players closest to the bubble will receive the same sum of money the first person in the money won (first to be eliminated)!
    - Full House: The first 3 DSO VIP players to win a hand with at least a full house during Day 1 will win an iPad, a Laptop or a Bose Headset!
    - Bounty: Bust one of the Bounty players and win a €550 ticket for another DSO of your

    DSO Hostesses
    Chilipoker knows how exhausting and stressful a 4 day tournament can be and to make sure all our players are provided with the best conditions, we will have two Chilipoker VIP hostesses at every tournament. These lovely ladies be there to help cheer up all our VIP players! To register to one of our DSO stages or to view all the details about the DSO VIP Status, the Leaderboard and the full Chilipoker DeepStack Open 2011 program visit our deepstack homepage.

    Do not hesitate, take your chance and GOOD LUCK !!!! :smile:

    Visit Chilipoker for more Details
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