Come On Guys,20 Registered Players Needed For Our Poker Freeroll!

Discussion in 'Freebies - Free Tourneys - No Deposit Bonuses' started by Dmoney644, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Come On Guys, We Have An Awesome SponsorShip At The Moment With Wass Poker. But If We Don't Get Enough Support In The Coming Games, We Will Lose These Wonderful Offers. We Need 20 Registered Players For the Freeroll On June 29th {THIS SUNDAY!} So Come Join Our Game And See You Guys At The Tables!

    For Freeroll Info And Password, Click Here​
  2. pwes72

    pwes72 New Member

    I'm i pokerpwes72 at wass:cool:
  3. littlerosey

    littlerosey Member

    Signed up Wasspoker and tried to register but no good for Aussies. :sad:

    Good Luck to all in the tourney. :winner:
  4. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Sorry Littlerosey, I Believe The Only Country Not Allowed To Play There Is Australia. Unlucky My Friend Sorry About That. Hang Around Though, There Will Be More Oppertunities To Play In Some More Freerolls And Buyin Games Around Here From Some Of Our Other Sponsors.
  5. mortas

    mortas New Member

    cheers d i`m regd
  6. OneFastMoFu

    OneFastMoFu New Member

    Hi, glad to be here, just registered at the forum and for this tournament. Hope we get to at least 20 people.

    My username at Wass is 1FMoFu.
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    MEANSTREET New Member

    Hello, new member to the forum and want to say hi to all. I did sign up for this tourney and my user name at wass is MEANSTREETS. Thanks for the tourney and gl to all. :thank you:
  8. pokermama26

    pokermama26 New Member

    Registered stackedpokermama26 4pm?eastern? tomorow. only need 3 more peeps cmon people 100 free monies.:kiss:
  9. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    goodluck ervyone:cool:
  10. totto4000

    totto4000 Member

    I`m in, have registred as totto4000

    Nice place, have tried it out..

    Thanks. Have a Nice day all :cool:
  11. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Great to see new members here too
    Welcome, welcome
    thanks to everyone who joins the freeroll
    and best of luck
  12. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member


    we have then atleast 20 members

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