Contest Winners / 30-June-2009

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Buzzluck Casino's Pool Party - €350 in Prizes

    Only Vacant and Zagora entered our great Buzzluck Contest.
    For now we cannot run another contest with them.
    Its really not easy to keep our sponsors if we dont get more support for them.

    We did contact Buzzluck and asked if Vacant and Zagora can get a bonus,
    we will let you know as soon we hear back.

    Name That Slot with Casino Share - 3 x £/€/$ 10 Cash Prizes

    Correct answer:Fat Lady Sings

    leashifty - tcsr04280312 - £/€/$ 10 Cash
    cameer - tcsr05916472 - £/€/$ 10 Cash
    joc21 - tcsr00022126 - £/€/$ 10 Cash

    Mike's Birthday Party - Grand Mondial Casino - 3 x £/€/$10 Cash Prizes

    crystal8323 - Vgmr00023474 - £/€/$ 10 Cash
    debralee1967 - Vgmr01742710 - £/€/$ 10 Cash
    lkvikings - VGMR00022529 - £/€/$ 10 Cash

    Barbecue - CasinoShare - €/£/$250 in Prizes

    sno719 - tcsr04863224 - €/£/$ 70 - Bonus account
    Darmac - tcsr00039872 - €/£/$ 60 - Bonus account
    slimshady - tcsr01231690 - €/£/$ 50 - Bonus account
    tyci - tcsr02007151 - €/£/$ 40 - Bonus account
    totto4000 - tcsr00033461 - €/£/$ 30 - Bonus account

    Your Lucky Day - Grand Mondial - €/£/$250 in Prizes

    luvslots - vgmr00021015 - €/£/$ 70 - Bonus account
    cambaby2 - vgmr01319317 - €/£/$ 60 - Bonus account-
    Martin76 - vgmr01575258 - €/£/$ 50 - Bonus account
    queenmap - vgmr00035468 - €/£/$ 40 - Bonus account
    lunadelmar - vgmr00001930 - €/£/$ 30 - Bonus account

    $50 Vacation Money From Simon Says Casino

    ONLY 1 member entered our contest with Simon Says Casino!
    Simon Says cannot sponsor us another contest at the moment. There has been not enough support.
    They have been so kind to award the only entrant with a 50 Bonus.

    azheater1 - zenman - €/£/$ 50 - Bonus account

    Vegas Regal Casino -Tiki Bar- €/$250 in PRIZES

    azheater1 - sgartzke - €/£/$ 75 Bonus Account
    mistye81 - mistye81 - €/£/$ 50 Bonus Account
    secretsmile - Maddness - €/£/$ 25 Bonus Account
    mmek4kids - behasz - €/£/$ 25 Bonus Account
    jamiek77 - jamiek77 - €/£/$ 25 Bonus Account

    Congrats everyone!!

    Please allow 48-72 hours for credit​
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    All CasinoShare and Grand Mondial Casino Winners are already credited!
    Good luck friends!​
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  3. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    WooHoo, WTG winners! Good Luck With Your Winnings!
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  4. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    WTG winners!
    Thank you all for entering!​
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  5. darmac

    darmac Active Member

    Ty BP and Casinoshare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GL to all the winners!
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  6. mmek4kids

    mmek4kids Active Member

    :thank you:wow thanks so much vegas regal and bonus paradise didnot think i had made enough deposits what a nice surprise
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  7. luvslots

    luvslots Well-Known Member

    :thank you: :socool: :thank you: Bonus Paradise and Grand Mondial for Contest and the

    Win!!!!! :kiss: Congratulations Winners, Good Luck with your Winnings luvslots

    "Happy 4th July, Wish you all a safe and fun weekend" :ny2:
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  8. mistye81

    mistye81 Member


    WOW, Thanks again Bonus Paradise and Vegas Regal!! You guys are great!
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  9. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for your support.

    Those of you that play slots and don't enter the contests are missing out on some free money.

    We need to continue to support these awesome sponsors so they will continue to give us these great contests.

    :thank you:
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  10. queenmap

    queenmap Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much Grand Mondial and BP!
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  11. joc21

    joc21 Member

    Thanks Bonus Paradise and Casino Share!!!!!
    Congatulations to all the winners!
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  12. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Zagora and Vacant,
    i spoke with Buzzluck and you will both get a bonus from them.
    I dont know how much it will be.
    But I was told you will get an e-mail from them with a special code to reedem your free chip.

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  13. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a bunch marina.

    I just received my email from them and you'll never guess what they gave me it was great considering how the contest went.

    They gave me the first prize chip from the contest with a 25x rollover and 4x max cashout.

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  14. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Ahh, thats wonderful vacant
    good luck with it!
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  15. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Vegas Regal Winners have been credited too!

    Good luck everyone!
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  16. slimshady01

    slimshady01 New Member

    wow totally awesome bonus paradise thank you so much.....oh and ty casino share happy 4th of july all..fireworks the barbeque and beers are all ready ya guys at bonus paradise.....slimshady01
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  17. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    aww you are so welcome slimshady!!
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  18. crystal8323

    crystal8323 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the win Bonus Paradise and Grand Mondial! :hugs::thank you:
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  19. lkvikings

    lkvikings Member

    Wow - how awesome - thanks Bonus Paradise and Grand Mondial

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  20. debralee1967

    debralee1967 Member

    OM Goodness I had forgot all about father has cancer and I've been so busy with him lately....THANK YOU SO MUCH, this will give me a little break....I haven't been gambling because I have been putting all my money towards the things he needs so thank you, you will never know how much this means to me.....I'm in tears!!! Thank you so much....debralee1967
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