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    With all the new rules and regulations regarding deposits and withdrawals for U.S. players,
    here is some information that may make it easier.

    One of the easiest methods is using "Use my Wallet".
    That is the name of the deposit option listed on the Casino.
    In actuality, it is a "Quick Tender" acct. It is an online
    payment processor. You can deposit into your Quick Tender
    acct via Credit Card, Debit or Bank Acct. Prepaids work great here.
    Min. deposit is $50. To withdraw, you have to associate a bank account.
    You can use your own bank account or the account associated
    with a prepaid for direct deposit option on your prepaid.
    Fee for withdrawal is $30 and min. withdrawal amount is $200.

    If you don't have a Quick Tender aka Use my Wallet,
    Ask your favorite casino to invite you.

    It's surely worth it. Its easy and convenient.

    Hope this helps a bit​
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