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    Every day at 1700 CET and 2300 CET the Freeroll starts
    with a formidable posse of players and as the battle ensues,
    the victims are picked off until they have a winner.

    The first 40 players are awarded a real cash prize, with the payout
    looking like this: Position Prize Points needed

    1st Place $40 160 player points
    2nd Place $30 120 player points
    3rd Place $25 100 player points
    4th Place $20 80 player points
    5th - 10th Place $15 60 player points
    11th - 16th Place $10 40 player points
    17th - 22nd Place $9 36 player points
    23rd - 29th Place $8 32 player points
    30th - 40th Place $7 28 player points
    41st - 48th Place $6 24 player points

    If you make it into the prize pool, the cash prize can be released by
    collecting player points.
    For each dollar won you need to collect 4 player points.
    Prizes are not released partially.
    For example, if you win $10 in The Daily you will need to collect
    40 player points before the $10 prize
    will appear in your account.

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