Every played at sportsbook casino

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  1. ruey93

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    THANKS IN ADVANCED:thank you:

  2. Marina

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    Do you mean Sportsbook.com Casino
    I did hear nothing bad about them dear,
    they are a sister casino to Players Only Casino and SuperBook.com Casino

    Should be all fine with these 3 Casinos.

    If someone else has experience with them,
    then please post your feedback.

    They do allow ONLY USA and Canadian Players at this time.
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  3. punksterbrew

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    I have had terrible experience with them, and yes, it's sportsbook.com, a skin of cake poker when you talk about poker, and Player's Only is the same thing as sportsbook.com with sports betting and casino as well. If you are an American player, don't play here, because it's hard as hell to get your money. I requested three checks over the span of more than 8 months, with a 2 month waiting period for 2/3 of them, and they all bounced. My bank charged fees for that also. Finally, they offered me a prepaid debit card, and I finally got my money out. This all took more than a year. The prepaid debit cards stinks though, as you pay a $5 monthly fee for simply having it, and there are so many fees when using it. I got about $17.50 in fees for using it. If you are a high stakes gambler, then sportsbook.com is okay as long as you get your money through the debit card they will issue you or a bank wire transfer. I believe the bank wire fee is $50 below $2500 and 2% for any amount more than that. However, they don't usually offer that for withdrawing low amounts, and with the $50 fee, it's not attractive if you're only withdrawing like $200. Debit card, at least on their side, is free but the min is $150 for withdrawing. Check is a min of $50 and the first check you get a month is free, but like I said, if you're in America, good luck with cashing that out. It will probably bounce. Players Only, the sister site, is exactly the same as sportsbook, and from the threads I've read from players that play there, their customer service is just as poor. Also, I've used live chat help on sportsbook.com several times, speaking to at least a dozen different people. I had to work my way up to the supervisor to finally get legit answers, but as far as all the other people, when you have problems, they'll only tell you what you want to hear. They, for the most part, will lie to you over and over again. When it comes to wanting your money, it's annoying to get the run-around, but that's what I do. I would rated sportsbook.com a D- as far as customer service. I won't fail them simply because I finally got most of my money out of them. However, if you live outside of the U.S., feature wise, the site in general is great. I don't play to many casino games there, but they have enough games to satisfy most people. The graphics are decent too, nothing too fancy, but it's pretty clean in design. Put on top of that the poker room, which offers a pretty decent amount of games running around the clock, tournaments that offer more value (ones in which there's a guaranteed pay out but not enough players buy-in for them to break even), exciting promos, and the sports betting, it's pretty nice. If you're a poker player, Players Only is better because you can find offers for rakeback, as well as the $50 +$50 no deposit bonus if you've never played there before. Sportsbook.com also emails its customers with promos, like free gold chips (you'll have to go to the site to read more about it), and reload codes too (which kind of acts like a temporary rakeback).

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