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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Holland Power Gaming, also called HPG, is one of the newest names in online casinos. Founded in 2011, in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands, the company has risen from relative
    obscurity and has pieced together a decent-sized library of high-quality casino games. Very little is known about the outfit, so quite a bit of digging must be done to understand
    who they are, what their goals are, and where they’re headed.

    Who is Holland Power Gaming?

    The corporate website provides very few clues as to who the masterminds behind their beautiful games are. Aside from explaining that the company founders have 25 years of experience in game design
    and casino software engineering, the firm gives little to go on. However, with a little sleuthing, it was discovered that the team at Holland Power Gaming has extensive backgrounds in software development
    which includes educations in the arts, math and management. They have over 25 years of experience with not only the development of Casino games, but their team consists of employees from Orion Gaming
    and WMS Gaming. With all of their knowledge, they decided to develop and bring live HGP Gaming. The combination of years of experience and presence for online gaming brings Holland Powered Gaming
    to a whole new level. They may be a virgin company to online playing, but they have started to make themselves known. Many other outfits will be sure to incorporate their games into their Casino platform
    with the knowledge and leadership at HPG (Holland Power Gaming). It's unique and something that will take players to a whole new level of online playing.


    What are their Goals?

    The corporate website hints that their goal is to remain in a software design-only capacity. Their specialty is in mobile and server-based casino games and they also provide custom-made games
    for online casinos. At the present time, their games can only be found at a single venue called GoldRun Casino. A little tongue in cheek, the website’s news section explains,
    “Malta based state-of-the-art online casino Goldrun Casino has chosen to use HPG’s cutting edge reelslots, Bingo games and table games. The Goldrun Casino management is proud to offer HPG’s
    unique HD-quality games to their players.” The snicker comes in when you visit Gold Run and read Goldruncasino is operated by HPG Interactive Malta Ltd…”


    Their reputation has been called into question, and understandably so in the online casino world. All too often, shady businesses creep up and swindle people out of their cash, then disappear quickly.
    Though Goldruncasino has only been open since January 2014, there are no reports of any deceptive practices. In fact, the general consensus is that the games are enjoyable and the company pays out as expected.

    BonusParadise reached out to HPG and here is what they say:

    "We all indeed have many many years of experience in gaming (development). We all are former Orion Gaming people that are now doing art, math, test, software and management of HPG.
    The previous company, Orion Gaming was the only Dutch company that developed and produced slotmachines for the worldwide casino market. With hi-end products, we managed to have
    a decent and stable piece of the casino market and were extending continuously. In 2006, WMS Gaming, a US stock exchange listed company and one of the biggest supplies of slotmachines
    in the world, took over Orion Gaming. In 2011, a group of former Orion/WMS people started HPG. HPG makes games for the professional online gaming market.

    We did not want to shout it out to the world, as it makes only sense to do so if you have a certain portfolio of games.
    At this moment, HPG games can be played at Goldruncasino but also in some Belgium online casino’s for which HPG made market custom games. In HPG’s portfolio are now slotgames, Bingo
    and table games. The games we develop are connecting to what offline and online players are looking for. Combined with the latest technology used and state of the art graphics and animations,
    it is HPG’s goal to become a hi-end game supplier.

    The relation between HPG and Goldruncasino is purely a supplier-customer one. HPG supplies to any party that is interested in it’s games.
    The fact that Goldruncasino is owned by HPG Interactive Malta is purely coincidence."

    Online Games from HPG - HollandPowerGaming


    Overall, their games are truly impeccable. If it is true that they opened their casino because nobody would buy their games, the other companies are truly at a loss. Most of their slots have 5 reels and 25 paylines.
    They feature flawless 3D graphics and great animations. All of the ones released at the present time fall under the name “ReelSlots,” though some are progressive and some are not.
    A little something for everyone, the games feature names like:

    They also have a unique bingo option, called Bingo +2Ball, as well as European Roulette and both American and European varieties of blackjack.
    Each of these has the same wow-inducing graphics as the slots.


    If you want to check out their games, Goldruncasino offers free options.

    There’s a very good chance that a few years from now, you’ll be telling everyone you loved HPG games before they were trendy.
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    We just heard that a brand new slot game from HPG will be released soon at Goldruncasino.
    Looking forward to it!
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  3. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    The slot games are really unique. I truly believe this type of software will be seen everywhere in a few years.

    HPG is one to watch for new and exciting things!
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  4. Mike

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    REAL GHOST is the newest HPG Video Slot available at Goldruncasino. You can now try the game for Real Money or Free Play.

    Enjoy the game everyone!
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  5. Kotsy

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    Nice game. Just in time for Halloween.
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