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  1. Marina

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    Comps on offer fell by 5 percent in 2008

    Casino comps, the freebies handed out to gamblers to motivate their return, are generally in decline at Atlantic City's 11 land casinos, victims of the economic meltdown, reports Associated Press.

    Total comps fell by nearly 5 percent in 2008, declining to $1.55 billion, and industry analysts cite the spluttering US economy and its negative impact on the man in the street's disposable income as the unavoidable cause.

    Adding to Atlantic City's troubles is the competition from slots parlours in Pennsylvania and New York, which have been attracting gamblers who once had little choice but take their gambling entertainment to Atlantic City.

    Associated Press quotes land casino analyst Joe Weinert, who says that the downward trend could last well into 2010 as casinos focus their promotional cash on bigger fish, leaving the average gambler with fewer freebies.

    Revenues at Atlantic City casinos fell a debilitating 7.6 percent in 2008

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  2. Marina

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    They give freebies/comps?
    How does this look like?
    Anyone know?

    I know here at Holland Casino, they do such random prizes
    like a dinner, or a coffemachine, rof
    can happen anytime at any slot that you win such a coffemaker, hahaha

    But about a real freebie I never heard here.
  3. Dmoney644

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    I don't know about any cash freebies but i know that alot of casinos have a comp card when you play the slots you insert the card into the machine and it tracks your play, earning you comp points, which in return can be redeemed for gifts from the giftshop, free food from restaurants and cafe's within the casino, free drinks, and even free hotel stays. Sometimes they will comp your whole trip once you get there, like giving you a 3 day,2 night hotel stay, comp you meals, and might even comp you some casino chips, but i have never personally played and earned such things, but i have some friends that have earned most of this kinda thing.
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