Florida Police Crackdown on Illegal Gambling

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    As legal casino gambling continues to expand in the United States it appears as if local and state police departments are cracking down on illegal operations to insure that gambling money is not only going to the legal operations but that the local and state governments are getting their fair share of the revenues.

    Last week, the State of Florida, did it's part to participate in a trend that seems to be growing across the country. The State authorities raided and shut down two separate establishments that had illegal video gaming machines. The two establishments that were raided were Allied Veterans .42 and the Children's Cancer Cooperative Inc. Police seized equipment from both locations.

    In many areas of the country police agencies have come out against legalized casinos.
    They seem to think that, based on what they have seen in the illegal operations, that even the legal casinos can only bring trouble to the area.

    On the other hand the supporters of legal casinos say that if the gambling activites are monitored then crime will acutally decrease. There is actually statistical evidence in some areas of the US that show this to be the more accurate of the statements.

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    Thanks for the post desp. Really interesting what is going on in the USA about all of these different types of operations.

    They've been going on for years and no one bothered. Now that the economy is in a slump they go after all.
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