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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    WOW! Just received an e-mail from Casino US
    I have 50 Free Spins on the Osbournes Video Slot!

    Check your e-mails and casino accounts!
    It can be some finding the free spins in another casino from Vegas Partner!

    Vegas Partner Lounge Casino Group:

    Vegas Partner Lounge Casinos:

    777 Dragon Casino - Cinema Casino - Casino Mate - Casino UK -
    Crazy Vegas Casino - Golden Riviera Casino - Maple Casino - River Nile Casino - Sun Vegas Casino

    Vegas Partner Lounge Casinos are powered by Microgaming
    and they CANNOT accept new players from the USA.​
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  2. cola57

    cola57 Member

    Hi , I got the free a: HI paul, I got booted when I was talking to u before
    Paul: Hi Linda
    Linda: I still dont understand why I cant log in
    Paul: Your account has been closed by Microgaming due to you residing in the USA
    Paul: It is IP locked that's why you cant log in
    Linda: why all of a sudden? ive been playing at this casino forever
    Paul: Yes, however laws have become much stricter within the USA regarding online gambling. We will need from you is your ID + Utility bill to clear your account so you can login
    Linda: how do I do that?
    Paul: You can fax or email it
    Linda: you mean take a picture and email it?
    Paul: You can scan it or you can take a picture
    Linda: ok what address do I use?
    Linda: Is there something else i can use besides a utility bill?
    Paul: Bank statement etc, as long as it reflects your registered address, it must be 3months old or less
    Linda: ok thank you for the help
    Paul: You're most welcome! Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    Linda: no not today
    :sad: too but when I logged in my account was locked.
  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Damn, its getting worser then worse....This all is just so pity.
    Man, I hope this will once be over and we can all just enjoy our gameplay. There isnt much we can do to help you. Please keep us update on your account dear.
    huggs sweetie.....​
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  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Seems the lock exsiting account from US players which have not send ID and a Bill yet?
    Oh man!

    Cola57 thanks for letting us know
    but please, read our forum rules,
    you should not just copy and paste such a live chat session

    I know to copy and paste is so much more comfortable,
    but it is not always ok to do so hon.
    You could also explain what happened simple in a few lines you type yourself.

    Once again, I feel sorry this happened to you
    and hope you can get your account unlocked again by sending them a ID and an utility bill to proof your adress.
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  5. cola57

    cola57 Member

    sorry Marina, I didnt know I wasnt suppose to do that, I was just so upset I guess I didnt think. Sorry again
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  6. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    So sorry you were locked Cola.

    I too have been a loyal player at many
    of Vegas Partner Lounges sites; Casino US
    and just love them.

    Unfortunately for USA players, I think it's
    a matter of time
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