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    Hi everyone,

    Well maybe some of you have seen it at microgaming casino's but at times they have some nice free spins surprises. I'm a big slots fan and love especially the microgaming slots. I play maybe once a month for real money and always have fun. I like the free spins options and some of the bonus games. I always play several slots when I play for real money and try to play them all. I usualy change machines when I got free spins or bonus rounds. After that I try som eother slot machine. Well some time ago going from one slot machine to another I discovered there are lots of slots machines where you get free spins when you open the slot machine without it beining promoted on the casino site. A while ago I was playing at music hall casino and going trough the list of slot machines and had several slots that gave me free spins when I opened the machine. This happened to me at least with 8 slots. A very nice surprise and sure worth going through all the slots :). I also found out that other microgaming casino's do the same from time to time. Not just the ones they usualy promote like tomb raider or hitman but also on other slots.
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    Thanks for the post Cookie. Music Hall Casino
    is part of the Casino Rewards group. Many fine Casino's within this group.
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    I love those free spins on the Micros!!! Another chance to win, win, win!!!

    Good Luck to all that get them!

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