Gambling Age in UK to be Raised

Discussion in 'Good News - Bad News!' started by warnbeep, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. warnbeep

    warnbeep New Member

    A review of gambling regulation and age limits, advertising policies, and the impact of technological change (online gambling) will be called into action in England, where it has been found in a new research that over 100,000 youth (aged 11 – 15) are gambling addicts. According to official research reports, the gambling age limit in England should be raised from 16 to 18 years of age!! :confused:
  2. pokerstar

    pokerstar Member

    I do not understand England, they have lower ages for everything compared to America. You are legally able to drink beer and alcohol at 18, and you were able to gamble at 16. I have talked to many British contact of mine and they go on and on about the degree of low moral values in England. Just last night my friend was saying that no one respects anyone over there because of such young age requirements.
  3. Soar386

    Soar386 New Member

    I also have British contact and I (no offense) sometimes feel bad about the low ages of allowance. But bad values are everywhere, in America, Canada, UK, you name it. But it is up to a person to respect someone else or not, I believe. One of my friends that live over there actually teased about her own country, if I shall put it in her own words.


    "You see, Soar, this is a primary example of difference between U.S. and England."

    In England

    "Hey, Bob got a new job. I hate it and I do not like him. I'm going to slash his tires."

    In USA:

    "Hey, Bob got a new job! Let's invite everyone in the street for a barbecue!"

    -End friend joke-

    As one could see, she was joking. When she said that however, I paused. America is not really like that anymore. My guy friend over there respects other people, but there are certain people he absolutely refuses to respect unless he knows them. Funny how the world works. As for the age limit, I think that it should be enforced, although it is in a different country.

    If they do ban it to a certain age, do you think that maybe they'll prop up with gangs as America did around 1930 when Prohibition was legal?
  4. pokerstar

    pokerstar Member

    Studies have shown with alcohol at least, that when the minimum age is raised, less crimes occur as a result of the usage. Australia was a perfect example. The lawmakers in England should try to adjust their laws a little but to see how it works with gambling.
  5. gummybear

    gummybear New Member

    You seem to know what you are talking about concerning this. If it helps eliminate some crime, then perhaps the gambling age should be raised. It might upset some people initially, but in the end it would of been for the better good of the nation.
  6. sasamshan

    sasamshan New Member

    I think this law is useless one because one can control the young people. This law will not control the young people (11 - 15). They will keep on playing gambling.

    If you say no to youth, then they will say yes. If you say yes to youth, then they will say no.

    Law makers in England should understand the mentality youth if not their law will not be effective.
  7. willyoumind

    willyoumind New Member

    Many of the youngsters today didn't even care about the law anymore...

    To be honest, as long as the youngster know how to behave themselves when gambling, all of the thing shouldn't be a matter at all...

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