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    Gambling history facts: Catholics were found to be more likely to gamble than Protestants and other religious groups. Catholics were also found to be less likely to disapprove of gambling than other religious groups.

    When traveling to Las Vegas be sure to check out some of the incredible scenery outside of the city. Lake Mead is about 45 minutes away from the city and is a beautiful place to cool off. When things get really hot, give Mount Charleston a try. It\'s approximately 30 degrees cooler. Red Rock Canyon is only a 30 drive. There is also the stunning Valley of Fire which is 1 hour away from Las Vegas.

    Keno, the casino version of lotto, originated in China nearly 2000 years ago when Cheung Heung devised a lottery as a way of raising funds for his province's army.

    French mathematicians Pierre de Fermat and Blaise Pascal explored the mathematics of gambling, leading to the formulation of Pascal's theory of probability in 1654.

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