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    GoWild Casino is set to launch a New Wild Loyalty Program that enables you to accumulate Wild-Points faster, gives you more rewards for your game play and more possibilities as an aware member of the casino.

    The New Wild Loyalty Program program will be launched on April 2nd.

    How It Works

    Every 10 chip bet that you place on any slot machine (excluding progressives) will reward you 1 Wild Point. Every 2000 Wild Points can be redeemed for 10 casino bonus credits.

    Silver gold and platinum tier members can redeem their points into real cash!

    Members of the VIP Club will benefit better ratio to collect points. Each tier has a different wild points accumulation ratio:

    Tier name Ratio Entry points Maintenance

    Green 10 chip wagered - 1 wild point earned 0 0
    Blue 10 chip wagered - 1.25 wild points earned 50,000 25,000
    Silver 10 chip wagered - 1.5 wild points earned 125,000 50,000
    Gold 10 chip wagered - 1.75 wild points earned 250,000 125,000
    Platinum 10 chip wagered - 2 wild points earned 500,000 250,000
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