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    Are the sites that are recommended for playing at this forum typically some of the most well known ones in the business as far as name recognition or are they ones that you moderators have had good luck and success when dealing with? I do not think you would lead any of us astray I would just like to know the criteria for your selections. Thanks
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    The sites we are promoting are not only such we have had luck, lol
    We do researches and look very well which casino, poker, bingo or other online gaming site will be promoted here.
    We are also members of 2 big gambling afflilates communities where we share and get info.
    We try our best to sort out and want to provide our members only the best and must trusted.
    Hope this answers your question
    if you want to know anything else please just ask

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    I and many friends greatly appreciate the reviews and endorsements. It keeps us headed in the right direction. Thanks!
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    You are Welcome Amy
    Thank You!
    :thank you:;):thank you:​
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    There Are Many Forums Out There On The Net That Will Promote Anything That Looks Like A Casino, Whether They Are Good Or Bad.
    Thats What Sets Bonus Paradise Apart From Lots Of Other Gambling Forums, And We Take Much Pride In that. We Believe That If You Treat Your Members The Way You'd Want To Be Treated, Only Good Things Will Come From It. Unlike Alot Of Forums, We Care About Our Members, And Do Not Think Leading Any Of Our Members Astray, Will Benefit Anyone.

    In Case You Haven't Seen Our "Do Not Promote Or Post" List, Here Are Some Casinos That We DO NOT And WILL NOT Promote:

    Thanks For Your Concerns And Questions On This Topic. Also, Thats What We Are Here For, To Help Answer Those Questions You May Have About A Casino Or Thoughts In General. We Appreciate Your Concerns, And Anytime You You Feel Like You Need To Ask A Question, Post Away And Ask, And We'll Give You An Answer The Best We Can!

    Thanks Again, And Hope You And Your Friends Enjoy Your Stays In Bonus Paradise!
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