Guide to the best US accepted poker sites.

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  1. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    This is a selection of good, US accepted poker sites:

    Full Tilt Poker:

    Full Tilt was launched in 2004, Full Tilt Poker definately the most famous poker sites online, mainly down to a huge advertising budget.

    Poker Stars

    PokerStars is the largest poker site in the world, offering massive volume in cash games and tournaments, including the amazing sunday million. Daniel Negreanu is sponsored by Poker Stars.

    Ultimate Bet

    Phil Hellmuth is like marmite, you either love him or hate him- personally I can't stand the guy but there is no reason why you shouldn't hate Ultimate Bet. Ultimate Bet is another one of the world's best poker rooms. It is endorsed by the famous winner of 11 WSOP bracelets Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke who play at the tables at all levels and limits.

    Absolute Poker

    Talking of Ultimate Bet, let's meet its sister- Absolute Poker that has taken giant strides towards being another one of the elite of the most established poker rooms after merging with Ultimate Bet.

    Sportsbook Poker

    Part of the cake poker network and it actually only available to US and Canadian players. Sportsbook has been operating since 1997 and boasts a brilliant sportsbook, racebook, casino as well as the brilliant poker site.

    Carbon Poker

    Carbon Poker is on the newly formed Merge Gaming network and join here and you will obtain free entry to 14 (Yes 14!) $500 freerolls for new depositors. Brilliant graphics and the table looks good and the controls are easy to use- not too fiddly like Full Tilt. Carbon Poker are renowned for their super-quick withdrawals and as Carbon Poker is relatively new to the online poker market it’s ambitious to succeed which means it boasts massive promotions. Did I mention the software isn't half-bad either.

    PlayersOnly Poker

    Like Sportsbook Poker, PlayersOnly Poker is part of the Cake poker network- a network dominant in the online poker market and it only accepts US and Canadian players, however it doesn' accept players from certain US states. One of PlayersOnly Poker's main feature is a whopping $5,000,000 in guaranteed tournaments every month. This site only opened 3 years ago but has grown at a rapid rate, this site also accepts U.S Credit card deposits which is the icing on the cake poker. (Sorry, excuse the pun- I couldn't resist.)

    I hope you find this thread usefull.
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    Nice job buddy!
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  3. Dmoney644

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    Very Nice Arachnaphid , really appreciate
    your time and effort in making such a wonderful post. Hopefully,
    along the way, we can update, and add more rooms to this list.
    There are quite a few more that could be added, but all will come in time.

    Thanks again for such an awesome post!
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    Wonderful post Arachnaphid.

    Your information for the members
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    Woowsers Arachnaphid, Im amazed!
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  7. Arachnaphid

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    First off, thank you everyone for your kind words. It's no problem in fact it's nice to give something back to you guys after all your efforts.


    Yeah there were quite a few sites that I would have included but wasn't 100% sure that they allowed US players and didn't want to inlcude them incase I misleaded the good people of this forum. I'm sure this thread will need to be regularly updated if legistation changes or other sites are developed etc. There are also probably dozens of other poker sites that allow US players that I have missed out or don't know about.

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    You also may want to change the colour scheme of the font of my post. I am rubbish at that sort of thing. I'm pretty sure someone else could do a better job than me at the styling of the post. Mine's an eysore.

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