Hacker virus seizes files-be prepared

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    In the last several months, cyber crime has been working overtime. It's been unleashing a nasty virus to take control of your computer and you are pretty much are held hostage should you engage it. Even though it's been ongoing for a bit, it's only been made public recently. Hackers are getting access to your PC from email links and executable files that the receiver opens. Currently it is targeting the USA market, but will move on.

    NEVER, EVER open an unknown link even if it is tempting.

    Even the local Police department ended up paying for an encrypted code to be unlocked. Their IT people couldn't break it.

    Since it is becoming the Holiday season, seems this will happen more and more.

    For your safety, make sure you are aware of emails that you open with links and/or executable files and back up your information.

    Should you see this


    then you have been hacked. All government agencies in the USA from the FBI and more are working on it.

    It will be difficult to track down the culprits, so YOU must be an active participant to not infect your computer.
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