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    NOVEMBER 19, 2008- World Toilet Day
    Theme: We Deserve Better

    World Toilet Organization (WTO) stands up for the 3 "WE (s)" in the theme "We Deserve Better".

    WE: Toilets deserve better social status. WTO has been striving to elevate the status of
    toilets to make them a status symbol and an object of desire. WTO speaks on behalf of

    WE: The second WE are the toilet cleaners. WTO aims to professionalize the sanitation and
    restroom industry and to upgrade the skill sets of the restroom cleaners. WTO speaks on
    behalf of the toilet cleaners "WE DESERVE BETTER PAY, RESPECT AND PROSPECTS".

    WE: WTO speaks on behalf of 2.5 billion toilet-less people, "WE DESERVE BETTER PLACE TO DEFECATE, A TOILET".
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    OK Seaman

    For the man on the "GO"!​
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  4. Bad Boy

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    I am sure this would be classified as a portta potty.
    Do they have any other models, as for where I live, we have seat belt laws, and it seems this model does not have them.
    Also I prefer a low rider. Could you show how the sewage system holding tank is attached and all other plumbing, such as fresh water.
    Oh, and does this come with fur lined, soft seats.
  5. Vicky

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    The best I can do BadBoy is tell you the seatbelt
    seems to be on the floor
    and I found this fur seat cover for you
    as for plumming you'll have to ask
    Joe Plummer!​
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