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    Win a trip to the Helsinki Freezeout 2010 in Helsinki, Finland, with CasinoClubPoker!

    The tournament’s main event is taking place at the Grand Casino Helsinki from
    January 13th through January 15th, 2010.

    The prize for CasinoClubPoker players is a €4,500 package, which includes a
    €2,850 + €150 entry to the No Limit Freezeout event, as well as €1,500 travel
    and accommodation money.

    There are two types of satellites where you can work your way up to this
    prestigious poker event:

    • Play in the €5.00 + €0.50 Helsinki Rebuy (RB) Daily satellites that are held at
    every even hour at CasinoClubPoker to win a seat at the €100 + €9 Helsinki RB
    Finals on November 29th and December 13th at 5:00 p.m. GMT.

    • Play in the €2.75 + €0.25 Helsinki Freezeout (FO) Daily Step or €5 + €0.50 Helsinki
    FO Daily Step that alternate every odd hour. The winners get a seat at the
    €25 + €2.50 Helsinki FO Daily at 5:00 p.m. GMT every day, where they compete
    for a seat at the €225 + €15 Helsinki FO Finals on November 22nd and December 20th.

    Please check the CasinoClubPoker lobby for additional information.

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