Highest Prized Events for Fishing

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    Millionaires have a lot of money to gamble with, but you wouldn't find them crapshooting next to you at a casino table.
    So, where and how do they gamble? These days, they go to the high seas for participating and betting on fishing tournaments.
    It is hardly a venue for everyone, though, as you need a few hundred thousand pounds just to get there.

    These will be spent on a 45-feet (or bigger) fishing boat, modern fish tracking and catching equipment, a few hundred gallons of fuel, and an expert fishing crew.
    The tournament entry fees may range into several thousand pounds. With the rich investing millions of dollars and a lot of their time in sport fishing, it is turning out to be the game of kings. The prize money is also fit for royals.
    The games kick into action at the world's most exotic locations every year, as hundreds of multi-million-dollar yachts are taken to the high seas by their wealthy owners. With the kind of investments they require and the prizes that are at stake, fishing tournaments are always fiercely competitive.

    Mid-Atlantic $500000
    The Mid Atlantic $500,000 sparks off from Cape May, New Jersey, and is one of the most recognized fishing event in the world. This year, the organizers paid out close to $1.7 million in prizes to participants across different categories.
    The highest prize of $654,416 was awarded to the boat 'Lights Out' captained by Bill Haugland and Key Largo for the 84lbs White Marlin that they had caught.
    This was followed by several prizes ranging from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars for catching the heaviest fish in Marlin and Tuna categories.
    The tournament is held in August every year.

    White Marlin Open
    Held at Ocean City, Maryland in August each year, the White Marlin Open is probably the highest-prized fishing tournament across the world.
    Hundreds of ambitious seamen compete across 5 different fish types for a purse that reached close to $2.5 million this year. A total of 262 boats participated in this year's event. Tommy Jones pocketed the first prize of $1,201,742.93 for hooking an 83lbs Marlin. This was followed by 3 prizes of $102,498.13 each in the Marlin category, and a top prize of $573,850.83 awarded to James Czaban of Vienna for catching a 276lbs Tuna, apart from several other prizes.
    It is not possible to make such a huge prize pool with a meager entry fee of $1000, but the real money goes into the pot when the boats compete in "Skill Levels", a stage of the tournament that attracts huge sums in private wagers.


    Bahamas Bluefish Championship
    BBC has been around for 40 years, which puts it right beside White Marlin Open. The tournament comprises a series of mini-tournaments held at 5 different Bahamian islands.You can imagine why BBC is the most sought-after tournament of the world. The participants can stay at resorts and enjoy the perfect vacation in between the intense fishing sprees. The grand prize is $800,000, which is awarded by Rolex to the person who breaks the present record for catching the heaviest Blue Marlin (1060.5 lbs). Other than that, there's no fixed prize pool, and the money comes from calcutta-style private wager. The setting and the stretched-out tournaments make this contest unique for betting.

    Blue Marlin Grand Championship
    This exclusively Blue Marlin tournament is held off the coast of Alabama. This year, 50 participants caught more than 120 fish and broke the Alabama State record for catching the heaviest Marlin. The prize money at the tournament exceeded $1 million.

    Deep sea fishing may look like a long shot to most, but for the people in the middle of the action, catching the biggest fish and earning the coveted gold rings
    are matters of pride—the money usually comes second. For the bettors cheering from the sidelines, however, it may be a different story.
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  2. Ellis

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    Hmmm maybe I should learn to catch some Fish!
    Some nice prizes to win...Kotsy you joining me? You went fishing a couple of times
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    Omg, I love fishing!!

    Every year we do the Lake Winnipesaukee Ice Fishing Derby.

    Most we ever won was $100 and it wasn't even for catching a fish.

    $15,000 is for the first prize, but now that I see these other Fishing events,

    someone go get my pole!
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    Wow, I am astonished. They hire a fishing crew for fishing. Some people really don't know what nice hobbys are. I think the most interesting thing is to catch this fish and not to watch anyone who will catch it for me.

    I thought fishing is silence at a silence place or with a quick boat for the biiiiiiiiiig fishes but I never knew that it is a betting sport.
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