I was held hostage overnight on July 24th

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  1. banterer

    banterer Active Member

    Its been a while since i have been on line. I have to share this unbelievable experience that I had. It started on Thursday night July 23rd at 9:30pm and was finally over Friday morning July 24th at 7:30 am. I had been working on a friends lap top for about 2 weeks during virus repair. My Friend owns his own dump truck company and on Thursday night he said he was coming into town briefly from one job before heading back out of town on another. he asked if i could bring the laptop by his shop. i agreed and arrived about 9:30 to a armed robbery in progress. I was held at gun point by 4 men over night along with 7 other people (a few truck drivers, my friend, a man who owned the business next door and then 2 friends of the owners who came by to ask him for help repairing their vehicle. We were being held for a ransom of $10,000. Luckily the man who owned the shop next door had a wife who was concerned and noticed his truck parked out side their business but no sign of him. she went back and watched the surveillance video and saw my friend being chased by a man with a gun and she called police. the swat team got us out at 7:30 am the next morning and all 4 men were caught on the scene.
    you can find info on the web from various news stories by doing a search for 8 held hostage lee's summit Missouri. there are several news videos at kc channel 9 news as well.
    what a mind screw isn't it? we all really thought that we were living out our last moments that night.
  2. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

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  3. dogbites68

    dogbites68 Active Member

    Glad your safe and welcome back.There is more and more of this crap going on all over the world.
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  4. banterer

    banterer Active Member

    Thank you very much Vicky! I think we are all greatful to be safe. thank you for the link. here is another one. I favor this one slightly more because channel 5 had no idea what was going on for more than 24 hours before they got the story close to correct. Channel nine however, was on the scene when swat came in and rescued us. this link has the story, the video and a police report in pdf format you can open and read. the police report gives the statements that were given to the police by our captors.

    4 Arrested In Lee's Summit Hostage Case - Kansas City News Story - KMBC Kansas City
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  5. banterer

    banterer Active Member

    Thank you dogbites. you're not kidding. you can't turn on the news anymore without expecting to hear these kinds of stories on a daily basis. :sad:
  6. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    omg banterer
    how horrible, I can imagine what hell you and the others must have been going throug
    Just glad you be safe
    Welcome back honey ;)

    I wish so many times the world could be a better place for all
    Sometime I already scared to just turn on the news :sad:
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  7. banterer

    banterer Active Member

    Thank you Marina. Its good to be back. I had a little post traumatic stress from the whole thing. There was violence that I was made to witness and my children kept going through my mind. I am doing much better now though.

    hugs right back at ya sweetie ;)
  8. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    thank you god for taking care for barterer
    o man i cannot believe this have been happened to you
    im sorry for that
    im very glad you are save home again barterer
    i hope this will never happens to you or any 1 else again!!

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  9. banterer

    banterer Active Member

    thank you for your kind words Mike! God was watching out for all of us that night. You know what though? When it was happening, I kinda went through this weird detatched mentallity off and on through the night. I think all of us are designed that way. our brain chemistry is set up that way so that we can survive and move past all the negative and/or traumatic experiences we have through out our lives. I had many moments in that 10 hours when I worried, thought about dying, tried to think of a way out... and I remember each and every one of those minutes but it's almost as if it happened to someone else and I was just watching it from a distance or something. It took some time to get to this point but I'm certainly greatful for it!
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  10. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    omg banterer.....glad you are safe and sound

    that is so incredible

    seems like more and more of this chit is happening

    peeps are so desperate these days.

    well, you are back, safe and will have nigtmares off
    and on. the best thing you can do is talk about it
    and try to get it out of your system. we are here for you.

    just glad it worked out.......damn peeps​
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  11. Molodia

    Molodia Active Member

    i am so glad you came through it all without gettin hurt, and im glad you are okay.

    with all the wars and so people should now better than to try and hurt other people that way.

    but happy you are okay and are back here with us.

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  12. banterer

    banterer Active Member

    Kotsy & Molodia, I truly appreciate your kind words as well. All of you have such wonderful heats, thoughts and intentions! I knew I came to the right place to share my experience! I know that my personal tragedies, most precious moments, and most guarded ideas and emotions, are safe among you all. It really does feel like a support group; not just for a family of gamble bugs (lol) but a virtual sort of family as well! I've said it so many times before and I will say it again, I am so glad I have found Paradise! I surf other forums from time to time but honestly, this is the only forum that I really belong to, post on and interact with others and form some of the most cherished friendships. Thank you and GOD bless all of your beautiful souls! :kiss:
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  13. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Dear banterer...

    I can not believe what i have just read....
    This world is getting insane, crazier and crazier everyday more and more.....
    I can not imagine how scared you must have been...
    This has really hurted me..

    You are such a nice and sweet member...
    Let me give you a big big hug!!
    And give a big hug to the others...

    God bless you Banterer.....
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  14. banterer

    banterer Active Member

    Ellis,as bad as some of the people in this world can be and as horrific as it is to watch the news more and more each day, there is great peace, comfort and hope in my heart because in this world there are also kind, sympathetic and caring people like you here as well! That is how I know that compassion and respect for others has not yet become extinct among the human race. Thank you all for reminding me of that! :kiss:
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  15. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    omg you give me tears..
    Thank you for you words..
    It means the world to us
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  16. banterer

    banterer Active Member

    Lol I don't want you to come to tears, I just want you to feel appreciated! Again Thank you everyone for all your support. I don't mind talking about it by the way so if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I find it quite theraputic actually
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  17. sandadam

    sandadam Member

    omg I just got to readc your post and that is absolutley horriffic. I am so thankful that you are safe and you are right- sometimes it does seem as if this world is going to hell in a handbasket! Thank goodness that you made it through this ordeal OK though.
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  18. banterer

    banterer Active Member

    thank you sandadam for your kind words! I appreciate your care and concern! ;)

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