I Won $25.868.37 at Club World USA Casino

Discussion in 'Winner Stories - Online Gambling Winners!' started by Mike, May 11, 2011.

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  1. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Yesterday after my nice win at Stargames Casino, I went to play at Club World USA Casino.

    I made a $150 deposit and took a 100% welcome back bonus.
    I started to play on the new RTG slot Dice Mice and came up very fast on $4500.

    I told Marina that I will cashout $3000.00 and try to make more with the $1500 what i had left in my account.

    I went to the Club World Slot Game.
    I said to Marina that I will now play on $62.50 because i do not really like to play anymore.
    2 spins later i got the Free Spins.
    And then it happened..... I picked 100 Free spins with a 3x multiplier.

    There was not many big prizes to see during this feature but I still ended up with a $21322.50 from this free spin feature.

    Check out the nice amount I have in my Club USA Casino account...

    I cashed out $24000 , as per their terms I will get paid $4000 per week.

    Thank you very much to Club World Casino for this awesome win!

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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Mike is soooo lucky! Just amazing!
    And........ he is crazy, lol
    I could never win that, cuz I am too scared to play on such a high bet, yup, ya must be a bit crazy to win so much, lol.

    Congratulations Darling!

    P.S. The first 4K are already paid to Neteller!
    Thank you Club World Casinos! :thank you:
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  3. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Congrats Mike and Marina!!

    Wonderful ClubWorld Casino paid so quick.

    They sure are a fantastic RTG.

    Well deserved.

    I just noticed the bet size. OMG!

    Now go get Sarah that pony and plant

    some "money" flowers.​
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  4. lalli68

    lalli68 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Mike and marina. wow I'm speechless .. :socool::eek:hyesss:
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  5. Ardilla

    Ardilla Well-Known Member

    Just sitting here and logging in when all are away and I see this...totally shocked I am.....and really happy for you ......wooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    congratulations (speechless)....:thank you::thank you::socool::spinnslot:

    by the way...4000 a week is a nice thing....lol.....and 62,50 is shocking for me.......
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  6. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    For me too LOL.
    I took the risk and got lucky.
    If you don't win you lose it in 2 min lol.
    Thank you everyone.
    Money will be saved to purchase a house in the future.
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  7. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    Congrats Mike...good job again! When you will buy your own brewery?:roflmao:
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  8. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Lmao Seaman!!
    Will you be the manager??.......................ROFL.......free drinks hahaha
  9. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Ohman I had Mike yesterday on the fhone and he was soo
    super happy and total speechless about the win! Man it is really amaaaazing!
    So super super happy for you guys! Wel deserved!
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  10. Magic1

    Magic1 Active Member

    oh oh oh...I just said nice win in the Novomatic Thread and than I see this one.

    Really nice win. Really nice picture....congratulations.:spinnslot::socool::eek:hyesss:
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  11. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    LOl Magich! Yeah its really amazing!:socool:
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  12. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    OMG!! CONGRATS MR.BOSS!!!!!!!!! So Happy for you guys!!!:
    Advice...DO NOT let Seaman near your brewery!!!! You will have no beer in 1 day!!!!:roflmao:
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  13. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    Hehe...I wanna be the taste controller!
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  14. hotfix6666

    hotfix6666 Banned

    I Won $25.868.37 at Club World USA Casino

    nice win :eek:hyesss:
    You do right. I do same sometimes. Bet little higher few spin before I shall stop play :spinnslot: But I have not win yet :sad:
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