If you like animals you gotta see this

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  1. mooleyjones

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    Animal lovers you have to go to this link. It's a new broadcast thingie from Twitter. This show is one of the most entertaining things on the net if you love animals. It's a live webcam at a raccoon feeding station. They come out around 9 pm est. You've never seen so many racoons in your whole life all together. Sometimes other animals come around like deer, and wild hogs and a possum.
    I'm telling you I sat for two nites and watched this.
    If you want to chat just log into twitter or sign up, and if you do chat tell em Mooley sent ya. The guys a really nice guy. Butttttt u don't have to log in to see the show. The coons stay all nite just about.
    The link is: Florida Wildlife! on USTREAM: Welcome to the Live Florida Wildlife Cam! Here you can expect to see all kinds of wildlife: Bear (at certain times), Deer, Ho...
    And There's another live webcam in the ocean in the Florida Keys. The gals name is Dreamylife and she chums em to get em to the camera. It goes on day and nite as she has a lite on in the evening. If u don't have an aquarium u can watch this and get the same feeling as having one.
    The same goes for the chat box here, and if u chat tell her Mooley sent ya. She's a real nice gal and is usally around quite abit.
    This link is: Underwater Camera- Fish of the Florida Keys on USTREAM: I live in Key West, Florida on a 40ft boat. Underneath my boat I have an underwater camera mounted....
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  2. Vicky

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    Thanks so much Mooley I can't wait to see them
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    Yes thanks alot !!...........:nanaparty:
  4. Kotsy

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    Thanks Mooley.

    I love to watch animals​
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