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  1. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    This is for Depositing Players:

    iNetBet will be holding their inaugural
    Blackjack Tournament Freeroll on August 9th
    and they would like to invite you to take part.
    As with any Tournament there will be a number
    of financial prizes on offer to those who enter.
    The pot for the Tournament will be $250.
    They have also teamed up with 21GNET to offer
    some additional prizes to the winners.
    These will be in the form of Loyalty & Victory Points
    which can be used to play in the relevant tourneys.

    Play for a great prize pot of $250

    The Prize structure or the Tournament will be structured as follows:

    Cash Payout to top 5 Players Purse of $250
    1st Place 42% of Purse (Guaranteed $105)
    2nd Place 25% of Purse (Guaranteed $62.5)
    3rd Place 15% of Purse (Guaranteed $37.5)
    4th Place 10% of Purse (Guaranteed $25)
    5th Place 8% of Purse (Guaranteed $20)
    In addition to this the following will also be up for grabs for the top 6 players:

    Additional Prizes provided by 21GNET
    1st Place 100 Loyalty Points and 30 Victory Points
    2nd Place 75 Loyalty Points and 30 Victory Points
    3rd Place 50 Loyalty Points and 30 Victory Points
    4th Place 25 Loyalty Points and 30 Victory Points
    5th Place 15 Loyalty Points and 30 Victory Points

    Being online they have players from all over the world so to accomodate them all there will actually be two tourneys running at different times during the day.
    Simply choose your prefered time and join in the fun.

    What are you waiting for? its FREE!!

    You can simply sign up by clicking the link
    on the scrolling marquee in your casino lobby.

    Once in the Blackjack Tournaments lobby choose
    Multi Tournaments and then sign up
    for the iNetBet August Freeroll

    This tourney is only for depositing players
    the entry fee is just $1 which will be returned
    at the end of the tourney.

    As this is Their first Freeroll Blackjack Tournament,
    Best of luck to all of those who wish to take part.

    Please See the Casino Website for FullDetails.
    iNetBet Casino

  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    awesome Vickster!!
    Im sure gonne join!
    They are wonderfull!​
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  3. ROCK

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    Im in! I registered for 2 of iNetBets Black Jack freeroll's. Make sure you want to play when you register because there's no unregister button once your in.

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  4. ROCK

    ROCK Active Member

    When I received the email from iNetBet about the Black Jack freeroll, they had an email address for any players that had any questions about the freeroll and they were looking for feed back. I emailed them these two questions.

    # 1: I was wondering about the terms and conditions if a player wins any money in the freeroll? Would the prize money have to be wagered a certain number of times.

    # 2: Is there a maximum cash out amount?

    This was there reply for those who are interested in playing.

    Many thanks for your mail. Yes the funds would be regarded as free money comps. All relevant rules will apply.


    iNetBet Support

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