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  1. Bruce

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    Hi all.....

    What is the description of an inside and outise bet that I have heard so many times when
    reading posts in this and other forums. Its good to know when reading to understand better.

  2. mikkymaus

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  3. Dionysus

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    ya got me............
  4. Vicky

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    Hi Bruce and Welcome to Bonus Paradise :smile:

    I will try to answer your question.But this all I know:
    With Inside bets you have a much smaller chance of winning, but the payout is larger if you do win.
    Outside bets have better odds of winning but give you a lower payout.

    Someone else may be better suited to answer for you:smile:
  5. Kotsy

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    For Roulette, Inside bets allow the player to bet on specific numbers or a combination of numbers. Types of inside bets are a straight bet; chose only one number with the highest payout. Split bet; put your chip on a line between 2 numbers. Street bet; betting on 3 numbers with the same chip and placing your chip on the outside edge of the last number. Corner bet; betting on 4 numbers by placing your chip where all 4 numbers meet. Five number bet is made by placing your chip at the intersection of the 2 numbers. Not the corner that joins the two.

    Outside bets are placed outside the number system and include bets such as red or black, odd or even, columns, high or low and dozens.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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